December 20, 2010

Episode Review: THE SING-OFF, Season 2 Finale

Season 2 of NBC's suprise hit, The Sing-Off, is in the books. While the final outcome of the show was by no means a shocker, it was still a nice little ride.

The first hour had the four groups be glorified back up singers for performers such as Sara Bareilles, Neil Diamond, and the judges. I have to admit that this approach gave the show a slow start, but I understand that they had to figure out a way to fill two full hours. Out of the four performances, Boyz II Men and Committed singing "Motown Philly" was the highlight for me but that's more due to nostalgia (I was a big BIIM fan growing up) than anything else. Really, none of the judges' numbers were all that impressive, and the groups actually sounded better than all three. Thankfully, Nick Lachey can still bring it, and I really dug what he brought to "What Christmas Means to Me".

Finally, the groups were able to sing on their own while highlighting some notable charities that they had the chance to work with. The Backbeat's kicked things off with Katy Perry's "Firework", and it was fun to watch but whenever I think of "Katy Perry" and "a cappella" I go straight to Dalton Academy. Next up, Committed once again proved that they're the front runners by singing "Hold My Hand" by Michael Jackson and Akon. Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town busted out some "Love Train", and the number had its moments, but it wasn't one of the group's best performances. Finally, Street Corner Symphony went back to the alternative rock genre that made them stars by sining their version of Coldplay's "Fix You". By the end of it all, SCS showed everyone that they could really challenge Committed for the title.

Elimination time, and to no one's surprise Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town and The Backbeats were both axed first. Early on I pegged Jerry Lawson as one of the favorites due to their experience within the genre, but they did start to run out of steam towards the end, and The Sing-Off should be about giving new talent the chance to shine. Talk of the Town was a sentimental favorite, but they didn't need this win. The Backbeats was a dark horse contender, and while I agreed that they were a top four group, I still think they probably should have gone home last week. They still brought a great energy, well-timed campiness, and fun to the competition.

Of course the final two had to be Committed and Street Corner Symphony. While I wasn't high on the latter group at the start of it all, they won me over with "Down on the Corner", and I would have been OK if they had won. Fortunately, the group that deserved to win did just that and Committed was crowned Season 2 champions. The Gospel boys from Alabama pretty much won it all after their first performance, and it was fun watching them do their thing for the past two weeks. Hopefully this win will catapult them into success because I really do think they have what it takes.

This was the first time I watched The Sing-Off, and I really got a kick out of it. Its compacted season made it easy to keep up with which added to the show's appeal, and it was entertaining filler while other shows were on hiatus. While I didn't love all ten of the groups they brought something to the table, and I did appreciate all of their talent and hard work. When it was all said and done, the most deserving group took home the title, but the fans of the show won as well because we got a fun two weeks to enjoy some sweet a cappella grooves. Can't really complain about that.


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