January 20, 2011

News: BONES Getting the Spin-Off Treatment

Out of all of the shows on network TV today, the one I wouldn't have thought would be spin-off worthy is Bones, but here we are. News broke that Michael Clarke Duncan has been cast as the main character's partner, and we should be getting a backdoor pilot later this season.

From what I can tell, the premise is about his man named Walter Sherman who is a a tracker known as the Locator. I don't know enough about the source material with the exception that it's a series of novels written by Richard Greener. To me, the most interesting fact about the project is how this spin-off is apparently going to be about a character not originally from the Temperance Brennan universe (book not TV). Then again, I've never read Katy Reichs' books either, so I don't know how many of the TV show characters are actually a part of her series. Either way, having two related TV shows based on two different novel series seems odd, but I guess it could work.

Back to the actual show. I'm not against a Bones spin-off, but I just never watched the show and thought that it needed to expand its world. Also, this series has a stale and unnecessary feel to it, but that might have more to do with the fact that the parent show has lost some luster. I'm just glad their basing it on new characters rather than having Hodgins and Angela move to Europe or something. Although, I wouldn't be opposed to Booth and Sweets starting up their own private investigation business, and Booth can end up being a vampire...oh wait.

I don't want to badmouth this project too much because it might actually be a decent show, and it could revitalize Bones as well. Plus, Michael Clarke Duncan is one of my favorite actors, so it'll be nice seeing him on my TV screen week in and week out.


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