February 10, 2011

Quick Thoughts: 30 ROCK, "Double-Edged Sword"

"Double-Edged Sword" started off really, really strong, but it kind of ran out of steam towards the end. It was still full of laughs, but it wasn't as strong as the last couple of episodes that the show has been cranking out.

As the title suggests, the episode focused on how Liz, Jack, and Tracy had to deal with certain aspects of their lives that have both benefits and drawbacks. Liz and Jack had to address the challenges that come along with being in relationships with someone so much like themselves. Seeing Liz and Carol fight on a crowded plane stuck on the tarmac was worth some serious laughs, and Matt Damon once again showed his comedy chops. My only complaint about this storyline was the fact that the motivation for the break-up was so forced. Of course Liz can't have a functioning relationship, so they just had to end things between her and Carol, and it just made me sad. That being said the actual fight and break-up were funny to watch; I just wished they didn't have to happen.

The Jack/Avery/Canada storyline dealt with a similar issue, but was responsible for a good chunk of the big laughs. I really didn't see the downside of Jack and Avery's relationship beside the fact that they're both very proud people which could lead to some heated moments, but that's not really a bad thing. Really, their plot was just an excuse to make some Canada jokes that were far superior than anything How I Met Your Mother has come up with in the last four seasons. The couples need to flee the Great White North also said more about them as characters than their relationship, and their ultra-conservative mindsets are always funny.

Once again, Tracy's C-plot was the weakest component as he had to deal with the new-found demands that come with being an EGOT winner. Rather than face these requests, he decided to run away to Africa (or at least pretend to). Tracy's EGOT arc had some real potential, but the show's blazed through it so fast that it's lost some potential. Also, his solution of running away was just a convenient way to explain Tracy Morgan's absence from the real show.

Maybe it's because I liked "Mrs. Donaghy" and "Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning" so much, but the last two episodes did not have me laughing nearly as much. I'm not saying "¡Qué Sorpresa!" and "Double-Edged Sword" were bad, but it's hard to follow such funny episodes (well the Liz/Jack scenes to be more accurate).

Favorite Moment: Liz and Jack predicting each other's next moves with notes in sealed envelopes.


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