February 2, 2011

Quick Thoughts: COUGAR TOWN, "Cry to Me"

Like all TV shows, Cougar Town has its share of ups and downs, and I've found that when an episode focuses too much on Jules' self-centered behavior it tends to suffer. Last week's "Lost Children" was a prime example of a pretty good episode sullied by Jules, and I was afraid the same was going to be true about "Cry to Me".

I don't understand why Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel insist on making their main character so unlikeable, but they continue to write Jules as this needy, selfish, shrill person who refuses to learn from her mistakes and will not change her bad behavior. I just cannot get behind a storyline about someone going out of their way to make a loved one cry. While I got Jules' motivation behind manipulating Grayson by using his father's death (WTF!?!?), it was just classless and unfunny.

That being said, I loved pretty much everything else about "Cry to Me". Andy has quickly become my favorite character, and was the MVP of this week's episode as he dealt with his high-maintenance shrew of a wife while being a part of the funniest moments with Bobby (gay, hillbilly version of The Bachelor). After watching Andy stare into Bobby's eyes, they jumped to the top of the list of Best Bromance on TV and may outrank Turk and J.D. when all things are said and done.

Speaking of Bobby, his journeyman role along with Laurie worked out well as they helped Travis take a sexy picture for Kirsten. During "Lost Children" there was some great Bobby & Laurie moments, and the writers built off of their natural chemistry by giving us "Bitch and Ditch". Comedy gold. Also, the boys and Laurie hanging out in the jam room just reminded me how a show just about them would be all-time greatness.

Annoying Jules aside, "Cry to Me" was one of the stronger episodes of the season and a bittersweet way to head off into the extended hiatus. Hopefully, the show will be able to build up some momentum when it comes back this spring, but I do have to admit that I'm glad ABC gave Cougar Town an early renewal.


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