March 30, 2011

Show Review: BODY OF PROOF

I am too young to remember China Beach, and I never watched an episode of Desperate Housewives, so I can't say that I'm a Dana Delany fan. The thing is, I did like her when he guested on Castle last year, so I was willing to give her new ABC show, Body of Proof, a shot.

After reading some reviews online, Body of Proof started to sound like an amalgam of Castle and House because you have the "expert crime fighter who is not a cop" element from the former, and the "prickly protagonist who happens to be a doctor with issues" from the latter. Since I used to be a big House fan in the past, and I'm currently cheering on Castle, this show should be high on my list of new favorite shows. Unfortunately, I cannot say that it is.

Oddly enough, the fact that BoP does resemble the aforementioned shows is the main reason why I'm luke warm as of right now. It didn't feel like a terribly original show or concept (especially on the heels of TNT's Rissoli and Isles), and it didn't have enough of the characteristics that make Castle and House entertaining. Proof lacks the charming banter of Castle and the biting wit of House, and it is absent of its own distinct voice. Oh, and it doesn't have well-defined "will they, won't they" hook that so many of these shows live off of, which could be a blessing or a curse. After all of my criticisms, I do have to admit that it is far from terrible though.

The show does have potential, and it could be good once it establishes itself. What I also appreciated about the pilot, was the fact that it's upfront about its concept. The show is a by-the-numbers, character driven, somewhat light medical procedural, and the pilot didn't shy away from its identity. We also got a pretty clear picture of Dr. Megan Hunt right off the bat, so we know what we're getting ourselves into. Proof is also very on-brand for ABC, and it could match-up well with the already talked about Castle and Desperate Housewives. It may not be able to woo any Shonda Rhimes fans, but it could be a good counter program for those who want their medical dramas with very little soap.

Body of Proof is an inoffensive, standard medical show that we've seen before, but could surprise us when it's all said and done. With the right marketing, timeslot (pitting it against NBC's Parenthood and CBS' The Good Wife could be a huge mistake or pure brilliance), and patience, Proof could be the hit ABC has been needing for some time now. While I'm not loving it after one episode, I am interested enough to give a few more chances before making up my mind. Hopefully, it'll have the same fate as Castle and Cougar Town rather than being added to discard pile like No Ordinary Family and V.


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