April 20, 2011

Quick Thoughts: COUGAR TOWN, "Baby's A Rock 'N' Roller"

I found myself feeling torn after "Baby's A Rock 'N' Roller" because I like some of the elements that the show introduced, but I wasn't 100% sold on the execution. It did lay the foundation for some interesting future stories, but as an individual episode it didn't wow me.

My biggest problem with this week's episode had to do with Laurie. While I loved the pairing of her and Andy, one that we don't see enough of, I couldn't help but feel disappointed in where she ended up as a character. I get that this show is mostly about not so good people doing not so good things, but I'm all for character growth, and watching Laurie regress back to her former slutty self was a let down. I also understand that this show loves being over the top, but seeing Laurie be proud during her Walk of Awesome just rubbed me the wrong way.

The Jules/Grayson story, which was nothing more than the unprepared babysitter trope, should have worked better than it did. These two characters are so different at a fundamental level that they shouldn't work, but the writer's insist on making them work. Having Grayson want children and Jules being done with kids felt trite and forced, but of course Cougar Town had to go there because this coupling needs to be shaken up a bit. Personally, I'd be all for a split, but I doubt we'll be seeing that anytime soon. Watching Grayson with the baby was great though, and further proof that he can do better than Jules.

Bobby's inability to wake up early, and how Travis helped him out because they're family was a throw away story, but boy was it funny. Just watching Bobby come up with complicated ways to wake up was worth the price of admission. I also appreciated how they added a layer of sweetness between father and son, and I wish they'd focus on Travis and Bobby instead of wasting time on Jules' clinginess.

While I didn't care for Laurie or Jules, I got enough good moments for the guys to allowed me to enjoy the episode. I still think the writers are making some missteps by having some of the female characters seem so one-dimensional, but I'm still sold as long as we get some great moments from the boys. It's nice having Cougar Town back, but I would've liked two good episodes this week instead of what we ended up with.


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