April 12, 2011

Chuck vs. The Cancellation Threat, Part Deux

Around this time last year, I wrote about my thoughts regarding Chuck's horrible numbers and how my favorite show could be impacted. It wasn't the most optimistic piece (I was sure it was done after Season 3), but it was realistic and it came from a place of love. A year later, and Chuck's numbers are worse and its chances of renewal are even slimmer, and honestly I'm trying to make myself care.

Don't get me wrong; Chuck is still one of my favorite shows, and it opened my eyes to the greater TV landscape (I don't think I would've started watching shows like Leverage, Castle, and White Collar if it wasn't for Chuck), but every story has an ending, more than likely this is it for Chuck.

I could be bitter and blame NBC for not supporting the show (which is false), or the the public that rejected the show (it's always been a niche show with low mass-appeal), or I can just accept the reality of it all. Chuck had 4 seasons; many shows are lucky to get 4 episodes. When it's all said and done we really cannot complain. Most fandoms would kill to have gotten so many seasons of their favorite show *cough*Browncoats*cough*. We Chucksters are a lucky bunch.

Another reason why I'm OK with the thought of the show ending is because the show is done creatively. Season 4 has been the weakest outing to date, and the writers traded in their tired will they-won't they tropes for tired spy/action ones. Yes, there have been some highlights like Morgan and Casey, seeing Chuck and Sarah be a couple (for the most part), and Timothy Dalton. As a whole though, Season 4 was just OK because it had handful decent episodes but none that were great.

I'm always in favor of a show going out on top, and while Chuck isn't at its strongest, it can still head out gracefully instead of wearing out its welcome. Sticking around always sounds like a good thing, but I've seen former favorite like Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother lose their charm and spark because they were around too many seasons. I really don't want that to happen to Chuck. I want the storybook ending where Chuck and Sarah finally get married and live happily ever after. We don't need them to become Mr. and Mrs. Smith (or worse: the Blooms from Undercovers).


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