May 20, 2011

Quick Thoughts: BONES, "The Change in the Game"

I haven't been shy about sharing my feelings about Bones. Last year, I was a new fan to the show after catching up on DVD, and Season 5 wasn't up to snuff, which turned me off to Season 6. I periodically checked in on B&B and the Squints, but Castle had officially solidified its place as my top WTWT cop show, and Bones could not compete on an already packed Thursday night. Since Nikita was wrapped up for the season, I didn't have an excuse to skip "The Change in the Game".

First off, I never once cared about Angela, Hodgins, or their baby from the get go. Having them get married was bad enough, but giving them a kid was just lazy and boring. So the whole birthing plot bored me to tears, and even Wendall trying to figure out Angela's hi-tech equipment couldn't salvage the giant waste of time. The less I have to write about this couple, the better.

I thought having Booth and Brennan go undercover again was a nice touch, and an element that we've been missing for some time (I think the last time was when they joined the circus a few years back). What made their investigation even better was the whole bowling theme, even though it did kind come off as classist and vaguely insulting. Max hanging around was also effective as he played the fan surrogate and helped us piece together what was going on with Tempe.

Of course, the big change in the game was the fact that Bones was pregnant with Booth's kid after they spent the night together during last week's episode. Now, my initial reaction was disinterest because having them hook up off screen felt like a cheat since the writers put them together without having to put them together. The thing is, David Boreanaz's reaction to the news was absolutely priceless and it won me over.

I still think the way the show revealed the big news was tacky, but I'm curious to see if they can pull this development off. Bones is not the show it once was, and I'm still bitter about how the writers kept jerking fans around, but I might be willing to come back next year assuming The Secret Circle completely blows.


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