May 19, 2011

TV Upfronts: The CW's 2011-2012 Schedule

By all rationale thinking, I should not be watching The CW since I'm a grown man and not a thirteen year old girl, but I've started to watch the networklet more and more thanks to its supernatural/sci-fi/action offerings. Who would've thunk it?

8p-9p: Gossip Girl
9p-10p: Hart of Dixie

Initial Thoughts: It's All Josh Schwartz All Night Long as the Gossip Girl show runner and his new Hart of Dixie are teaming up on Monday nights. While I don't watch Gossip Girl (and never will), I might give Hart of Dixie a shot just because of Rachel Bilson. She made ice cream all sexy.

8p-9p: 90210
9p-10p: Ringer

Initial Thoughts: Everyone's all hyped up because Buffy's coming back to TV, but I'm more interested that The CW picked up big brother's (CBS) hand me downs. I also think Ringer on The C-Dub is an odd choice since it doesn't really mesh well with most of the offerings on the net. I guess it could've worked with Nikita, but I'm more in favor with that show being paired with Supernatural.

8p-9p: H8R
9p-10p: America's Next Top Model

Initial Thoughts: Moving on...

8p-9p: The Vampire Diaries
9p-10p: The Secret Circle

Initial Thoughts: Even thought I eventually picked Community over The Vampire Diaries, I'm still a fan of the show, so keeping it on Thursday nights works for me since it's The CW's only bona fide hit. Since I've dug Kevin Williamson's other shows (including Dawson's Creek), I'll probably check out The Secret Circle a few times.

8p-9p: Nikita
9p-10p: Supernatural

Initial Thoughts: Oh, the Geeky Fanboy/girl Battle Royal that is Friday nights. Nikita made the obvious move to Friday nights where it will take on fellow WB spy show Chuck, while Supernatural keeps its 9pm spot to take on FOX's Fringe and NBC's Grimm. I'll just leave it at that.

Aside from occasionally checking in on Hart of Dixie and Ringer, it looks like my week's will CW-less until the weekend, which I'm OK with. I'm just glad Nikita got picked up for a second season...let's just hope the show doesn't become the Mikita Hour.


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