May 4, 2011

Quick Thoughts: COUGAR TOWN, "Lonesome Sundown"

"Lonesome Sundown" was one of those episodes of Cougar Town that I didn't love, but it was still entertaining and worth a few laughs, which is a win in my book. It was also a nice change of pace, having Jules essentially by herself for most of the episode changed a lot of the dynamic, and we got to see some of the secondary relationships really get to shine.

Out of the main story lines, the one that I cared about the most was Travis' proposal to Kirsten. I for one really liked Kirsten (unlike so many on Twitter), but it was obvious that her time on the show was always suppose to be temporary, so the outcome wasn't what drew me in. What did, was seeing Travis and Grayson really bond for the first time, and their moments together were a good mix of ribbing, bonding (over Lou Diamond Phillips no less), and genuine care. Cougar Town continues to be a live-action cartoon, but when it nails these more intimate moments, the show really shines.

The running gag of the Council was right up this show's alley, and it's a gimmick that I could totally see the Cul-De-Sac Crew implementing. That being said, it did start getting a bit tiresome, and I was glad that the writers were able to realize that by episode's end. It was fun while it lasted, but the Council just didn't have the staying power of Penny Can. Laurie's punishment for creating the entire concept was funny though, and a good way to wrap everything up.

Obviously, my least favorite plot of the night was Jules staying on Bobby's boat. I'll admit that I didn't hate it, and it was nice seeing the character out of her comfort zone, but I still cannot muster any real emotion for her besides disgust. Seeing her suffer while living a more simple lifestyle didn't make me laugh or cringe. I just didn't care. Also, any goodwill that Jules may have mustered was ruined when she compared Travis' rejected proposal to her struggles living on a boat for a few days. Again, the writers were self-aware enough to point out how insensitive she was being, but that didn't make up for her lack of tact.

"Lonesome Sundown" will not go down as one of Cougar Town's greatest episodes, but it had enough laughs and sweet moments to win me over.


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