May 11, 2011

Quick Thoughts: COUGAR TOWN, "Damaged by Love"

This week's Cougar Town was light on the crazy antics, but big on the heart. "Damaged by Love" was still very funny, but the jokes were grounded in a more realistic place compared to where this show usually goes.

For once I got a Jules story that I could actually get behind, but I think that has more to do with the fact that Bobby and Chick were also apart of the quest to make Travis feel better after getting his heart broken by Kirsten. OK, so an entire family going to a strip club together was kind of out there by traditional standards, but what made this story work were the moments between Bobby and Jules as they tried to figure out how to fix Travis, and the oh so great Chick who had to break the news to them that there's nothing they can do at this point. Just some great stuff from all of those involved.

The Andy/Ellie/Laurie B-plot about Andy's inappropriate sister-in-law also had its share of cringe-worthy comedic moments, but the heart of it had to do with Ellie and Laurie's relationship. The two of them used to only have Jules in common, but watching their friendship grow and blossom has been one of the more rewarding aspects of the show.

Grayson's solo plot started off about his journey to prove that he can actually skate, but it became special when it became an introspective look at him as a person and his relationship with Jules. Part of me was hoping that "Damaged By Love" was going to be the beginning of the end of the Grayson/Jules pairing, but the fact that she saved it at the end of the episode but the kibosh on that idea. I still don't seem them staying together much longer, and it'll be grand seeing Grayson on the market once again. Can't wait!

So, "Damaged By Love" wasn't as out there as most episodes of Cougar Town, but it did blend the zaniness and crassness with the right amount of heart. It was one of the better episodes of the second half of the season, and I'd even go as far as saying it was one of the best to date.


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