May 25, 2011

Quick Thoughts: COUGAR TOWN, "Something Good Coming"

"Something Good Coming" was a microcosm of Season 2 of Cougar Town; it started out strong and ran out of juice by the end. I know most thought this finale was the show at its best, but for some reason I didn't think it was a home run.

Part 1 of was the flavor of this show that I like the most. It had the right amount of zaniness, inside jokes, and warmth that makes Cougar Town so good. It also had the elements that I care about the most: Andy and Bobby's bromance, Grayson's love for kids, and fun smaller moments like Abed's surprise appearance and the return of Scrubs' Teddy Buckland. I was even able to stomach Jules for the most part, which is unheard of. The first half-hour was just good 'ole Cul-De-Sac fun.

Then Part 2 tried to get all serious on us, which is when I started to tune out of the episode because it had all of the elements that I do not care for. I was hoping that we would be one step close towards the break-up of Jules and Grayson, but that doesn't look like it's going to happening anytime soon.

The only pairing I like less than Grayson and Jules is Travis and Laurie, so I hated the fact that she used his crush on her to make him come home. First off, it made him seem pathetic after making him somewhat interesting. The idea of him standing up to his family and being his own man would've been a neat story to tell, but in the end he was manipulated by a pretty girl. Such a bummer. Also, I will never be on board with them as a couple. I get that so many fans love the idea of these two as a couple, but the thought is just so disturbing. The day they put these two together is the day I stop watching Cougar Town.

Luckily, Bobby and Andy saved the day as their vacation three-way marriage with Ellie was able to be both funny and bittersweet. I do admit that seeing Bobby be torn between the two versions of a couples vacation got old pretty fast, his admission that he was lonely was oddly poetic and a great moment for both character and Brian Van Holt. Since Bobby's one of my favorite characters, I hope the writers are serious about giving him someone to share his life with instead of always having him be the third-wheel.

Since I've only been a regular Cougar Town watcher since the beginning of this year, I cannot say whether or not Season 2 was a huge success. I can say that I was hooked by the sheer nuttiness of the show and its ability to give us warm moments as well, but I also found myself getting bored with the same old schtick. I'll definitely be coming back for Season 3, but Lawrence and Biegel need to flex their storytelling muscles and give us some more meaningful and substantial episodes instead of relying too much on gags like Big [Insert Name] and Penny Can.


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