May 26, 2011

Top 5 Hopes for GLEE: Season 3

After the Season 2 finale, Glee's EP/writer Brad Falchuck gave an interview to where he was refreshingly coy about Season 3 details (this show get's in trouble when writers share too much info about their ideas). The article got me thinking about the show I'd like to watch in the fall. Last year, I went with predictions, which can be an exercise in futility, so this time around I decided to go with what I want from Season 3:

5. Less Shipper Drama
Keep Rachel and Finn together, finally have Will and Emma as a couple, give some of the other characters some consistent love interests, and move on. I get that this is a high school show, but it is hurt when the stories get too wrapped up in lovers angst.

4. More Sam, Less Blaine
Everyone expects Blaine to join Kurt at McKinley next year, which would be a big mistake in my opinion. I like Blaine well enough, but he was overused this season, and having him transfer to McKinley would make zero sense. Instead, give Sam a more prominent role next season.

3. Make Lima a Character 
Glee should let the community become its own character. Also, giving the kids something to do outside of McKinley could really liven up the show. Have the boys start a garage band, let Rachel and Kurt join the community theater, delve deeper into Mercedes' church life, introduce us to some more parents. Just give us something different.

2. New Big Bads
After "Funeral" Sue has run her course as the show's main antagonist. She can still be prickly and mean, but she cannot go back to hating Will and New Directions, and she cannot revert to being a live-action cartoon character. Let Santana, Quinn, or someone new take over the mantle of villain.

1. Graduation
Next year, everyone should be seniors, and they have to let some of these characters move on. I still think the Friday Night Lights model could work for Glee since it's a natural progression, and it could open up a world of new possibilities.

After "New York", I was on the fence about this show for the first time ever. Season 2 was definitely flawed, but still entertaining, but the finale was such a letdown that I thought the shine was finally coming off of the apple. That being said, I'm interested to see what happens during Season 3, especially since a new writing staff will be in place. I'm still a Gleek at heart, but the show needs to right the ship sooner than later, and Season 3 should be the first step.


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