May 18, 2011


2011 was the Year of the Friends Clones as every major network trotted out its version of the group of good-looking late-20-to-early-30-somethings trying to navigate life in love in the big city. At first, I was against the whole movement, but I have to admit that NBC's Perfect Couples and FOX's Traffic Light were decent, but they were both ultimately cancelled. Since they didn't survive, I didn't even bother with ABC's Happy Endings until it was picked up for a second season.

Since ABC felt confident enough in the show to renew it AND give it the cushy post-Modern Family spot, I just had to check it out, and I was pleasantly surprised. Now, I do have to say that Happy Endings is far from a perfect show, and it might not even be a good show, but it's a sometimes funny show much like Cougar Town.

What Happy Endings has in common with Cougar Town is the fact that they're both about a group of friends who have become an extended family. These people say and do crazy things which are probably only funny to themselves, and in all reality they're not that nice. And that's what makes these shows funny. They live in their own little worlds which I wouldn't want to occupy, but don't mind visiting week to week.

Happy Endings is not going to break the sit-com mold, and its characters and stories feel extremely familiar, but the show makes me laugh, and that's all I ask of it. I can see why ABC picked it up for a second season despite modest ratings, and while I wish it was paired up with Cougar Town on Tuesday nights, I understand why ABC wants to give it a shot to grow. I just hope it does.


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