May 18, 2011

TV Upfronts: CBS' 2011-2012 Schedule

CBS is the major network that I watch the least, and that may change next year since two of the CBS shows that I watch had horrible seasons (How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory). The fact that none of the new shows the Eye picked up, except for one, really sound interesting to me does not bode well either. Luckily for them, they don't need me as a viewer.

Fall Line-Up

8p-8:30p: How I Met Your Mother
8:30p-9p: Two Broke Girls
9p-9:30p: Two and a Half Men
9:30p-10p: Mike and Molly
10p-11p: Hawaii Five-0

Initial Thoughts: Knowing me, I'll still watch How I Met Your Mother since I love being disappointed, and I'll definitely be sticking around for Two Broke Girls because Kat Dennings is so cute. Oddly enough, Ashton Kutcher has me interested in watching Two and Half Men for the first time ever. Unfortunately, Hawaii Five-0 will probably drop to third on my list of Monday Night Dramas after ABC's Castle and NBC's The Playboy Club.

8p-9p: NCIS
9p-10p: NCIS: Los Angeles
10p-11p: Unforgettable

Initial Thoughts: I have no desire to watch any of these all.

8p-9p: Survivor
9p-10p: Criminal Minds
10p-11p: CSI: Crime Scene Investigations

Initial Thoughts: Not having CSI on Thursday nights just feels odd, but even a new night will not bring me back to CBS' former flagship. I've never watched Survivor or Criminal Minds, and I won't be starting now.

8p-8:30p: The Big Bang Theory
8:30p-9p: How to be a Gentleman
9p-10p: Person of Interest
10p-11p: The Mentalist

Initial Thoughts: The only show that was more of a letdown than HIMYM was Big Bang. I'll take Community and The Vampire Diaries over TBBT in a heart beat. Heck, Charlie's Angels might even get priority of this once funny show. I always thought The Mentalist was the heir apparent to CSI, so the fact that Person of Interest is occupying the 9p hour puzzles me.

8p-9p: A Gifted Man
9p-10p: CSI: NY
10p-11p: Blue Bloods

Initial Thoughts: Skip!

8p-8:30p: Rules of Engagement
8:30p-9p: Comedy Encores
9p-10p: Drama Encores
10p-11p: 48 Hours Mystery

Initial Thoughts: Interesting move having Rules of Engagement on Saturdays. It seems like CBS is just going to burn off the upcoming episodes, which is kind of a shame because I actually enjoy RoE whenever I do see it.

8p-9p: The Amazing Race
9p-10p: The Good Wife
10p-11p: CSI: Miami

Initial Thoughts: I was sure CBS was going to move The Good Wife to Fridays, but at least Sundays is a better night. Too bad it's going up against Desperate Housewives. Honestly, I don't care all that much since I don't watch the show, but I keep hearing good things about it so I want it to do somewhat well.

Again, I don't watch much CBS, so I cannot even muster much enthusiasm about this schedule. It's obvious that it has the luxury of being the most watched network since its moves really didn't shake the foundation, which is fine but most of its show.


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