June 16, 2011


ABC Family's The Nine Lives of Chloe King is the newest entrant into the supernatural for tweens genre of television, so of course I had to check it out since I'm a sucker for all things mystical. While the pilot had some good moments, the entire thing felt tired and stilted.

I'll admit that I was intrigued by the premise, Chloe is a descendant of some ancient tribe of cat people who has to avoid an evil organization known as The Order, but the show wasn't compelling enough past the initial pitch. First off, the action direction was awful with odd cuts that made it obvious that Skyler Samuels was not the one doing the stunts. It's not like I would expect her to, but I would like to think that the director and editor would be competent enough to make me believe that she was the one jumping around.

Bad stunt work was not the only low-point of the first episode. The characters came off as way too flat, with the exception of Chloe herself, and some of the deliveries by the actors just highlighted how cardboard these people are. I'm not familiar with Benjamin Stone's previous work, but based on what I saw from him on this show, I'm surprised he gets paid to act.

The pilot also had its fair share of ick factor, which I'm starting to think is a prerequisite to be on ABC Family. For example, Chloe has just turned 16, but she's making out and hitting on guys who are clearly older than 18. Then again, no one cares that Buffy and Elena did it with guys hundreds of years older than them, so why should I? Apparently the laws of men do not apply to the lives of supernatural girls.

Again, I'm all for these types of shows (The Vampire Diaries is on my must watch list), but I'm in favor of good versions of these types of shows. Right now, I cannot say that Chloe King is there just yet. I still see some potential, and if I hear through the grapevines that it improves in a few weeks, I may come back. Until then, I'll stick to my other summer shows to keep me occupied. Thank God for Leverage...


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