June 27, 2011

Episode Review: THE GLEE PROJECT, "Vulnerability"

This week's The Glee Project went from mildly annoying to being the episode that almost made me turn my back on Glee itself. Talk about a range of emotions.

Homework Assignment
This week's Ryan Murphy Can Only Write About One Topic theme was vulnerability, so the wanna-Glees had to emotionally expose themselves for millions (well hundreds of thousands since it's The Glee Project) to see. On top of being asked to share their deepest insecurities, they were also going to be judged on how well they acted sad. Luckily, this week's guest mentor, Dot-Marie Jones, could tell these newbies a thing or two about being vulnerable. After the group sang Pink's "Please Don't Leave Me", the Panther picked Matheus as the winner of the assignment.

This whole homework assignment gimmick is starting to run out of steam because the contestants pretty much do the exact same thing every single time, and it's getting old. Plus, I don't see what these judges obviously love about Matheus because he was far from the most interesting one this week. If I had to pick a winner, I would've gone with Marissa because it felt like she was the most authentic. I'm just glad Dot-Marie showed up because she reminded me how awesome she is, and how must Beiste added to Season 2.

Video Shoot
After the upbeat "Firework" and "We're Not Gonna Take It", this week's video shoot was more somber as the contestants performed "Mad World". Not only did they have to sing a depressing song, but they had to parrot the t-shirt idea introduced in "Born This Way". Essentially, they had to wear a sign with a word that signified their deepest insecurities in nothing but underwear (an A-neck and shorts). The concept was a bit heavy-handed, but I do have to give these kids credit though because their signs were way more meaningful than what Glee's cast had to wear.

The video itself was actually a nice, melancholic depiction of teenage self-doubt and overcoming one's flaws. It was definitely more moving than the Lady Gaga performance from the parent show. The only real drawback was the fact that it once again featured Matheus, and I'm really getting tired of that little gnat, but overall it was a very well put together music video.

Last Chance Performance
When it was all said and done, Emily, Damian, and Cameron were in the Bottom Three and were at risk of being sent home. Honestly, I was glad that Emily was finally taken down a peg because she's by far the most annoying person on the show, and the fact that she always calls Lindsay out for being fake is a bit hypocritical. I'd say it's a fair amount of the pot calling the kettle black, but that's totally racist. Her sassiness, over the top demeanor, and overall toxicity just rubbed me the wrong way. I was glad when she was put on the chopping block.

On the other hand, my two favorites were also at risk this week. Cameron was in the Bottom Three because he's too well-adjusted and normal for Glee, which speaks volumes about the show. Ryan Murphy even said that he's too perfect, and he cannot write for him because he's not unique enough. Right then and there, I realized how much of a fraud Ryan Murphy truly is because Cameron is exactly the kind of character Glee needs. I honestly cannot remember why Damian was in the Bottom Three again. I think it had to do with not being able to connect or something.

Performance time, and Emily had to sing Bruno Mars' "Grenande" which of course she totally oversold and was hard to sit through. Cameron had to sing Elton John's "This Is Your Song" twice; once as a made up lounge singer and once as his nerdy hipster self. Ryan was not sold the first time around, but warmed up to Cameron when he saw the real him. Finally, Damian sang Elvis' "Are You Lonesome Tonight?", and he finally connected emotionally to a performance which pretty much saved him.

The deliberation was tense as Robert and Zach came up with valid reasons to keep or boot each performer. Musically, Emily was probably the strongest, but her inability to go from snarky to serious was a hinderance. Ryan still felt that Cameron was too perfect yet somehow a caricature, but Zach and Robert stood by him. Everyone was blown away with Damian's growth, but Zach felt he might have hit his ceiling. At the end of the day, Emily was sent home and I could once again believe in God.

Final Thoughts
Good riddance Emily. I disliked everything about her, and I'm glad I can keep watching this show without having to roll my eyes and scream at my TV because of some mean-spirited and judgmental thing that spit out of her mouth. Man, I really hated her, and I don't hate anyone.

Hopefully, this is Cameron's only time in the Bottom Three because I still believe that he has the most to offer from a character standpoint whereas someone like Lindsay may be a better performer. I still cannot believe that Ryan Murphy had such a problem with Cameron, but his criticisms made me question his judgement, and this is coming from someone who let him slide on Season 2. All I know is if Cameron was sent home, I would've been done with Glee altogether. Maybe it's because I'm emotionally invested in him, but I'd seriously have second thoughts about someone who would dismiss Cameron so easily.

While I still wasn't enamored with this week's Glee Project, I do have to admit that I was highly entertained and found myself buying into the show slowly but surely. I'm sure it's going to get a million times better now that I don't have to put up with Emily. Just thinking about her gets me all worked up and angry. On a positive note, next week's theme is dance-ability and Harry Shum, Jr. will be the guest mentor/judge. LXD represent!


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