July 24, 2011

News: The GLEE SDCC Panel

The sure-fire way to fix Glee: ban Ryan Murphy from talking to the media at all costs. So far the summer of 2011 has been a cluster-frick of conflicting new reports, rumors, and confusion mostly thanks to Murphy's big mouth. From the tweets in my feed, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan had to clean up their partner's mess at  Comic-Con, which of course caused even more drama.
  • Two Seasons for the price of One: After the backlash from Season 2, it looks like the writers are going back to the Season 1 formula of two mini-seasons with a larger unifying arc. This approach sounds nutty, but it makes sense in my mind, and I'm interested to see if they can pull it off.
  • Rachel, Finn, and Kurt Aren't Going Anywhere: So, the source of most of the hub-bub in San Diego had to do with Brad and Ian contradicting Ryan's claims that Rachel, Finn, and Kurt would be graduating and moving on. According to the EPs, they will be leaving McKinley but not necessarily Lima. I still think a combination of Gleeks in college and high school could work, so I'm not shocked the producer are back-tracking.
  • The Beiste is Back, but the Chord's Been Cut: It seems like Chord Overstreet has gotten too big for his britches and decided to forego another run on Glee for other opportunities. I can't blame the guy for moving on, but I don't think he'll stumble into anything as big as Glee ever again. Regardless, I'm OK with no Sam as long as Shannon the Cannon came back, so I'm golden.
  • Sue vs. All Gleeks: Sue may not be taking on the winner of The Glee Project (whew), but will apparently be running for Congress on a "No Arts" platform. Huh? I was hoping that Sue would aim her sights on something besides the glee club after "Funeral", but I guess we're back to the same old tricks. It'll be interesting how the writers get themselves out of this corner.
You can find other tid-bits on news around the net, but these are the ones that I cared about. As a fan of Glee, I'm glad I wasn't in San Diego because I can just imagine the head-scratching that must have been going on after the panel. What's frustrating, besides all of the snarky Glee-bashing tweets I had to shift through, was all of this flip-flopping would have been necessary had Ryan Murphy just kept his mouth shut. 

What's also unfortunate is how Falchuk and Brennan are being taken to task for defending RM. Yes, they shouldn't have thrown the reporter under the bus, but they also shouldn't have been cleaning up Murphy's mess either. I feel bad for those two.

I usually take rumors about Glee with a grain of salt, but this has gotten ridiculous, and of course I blame Ryan. He and Brad just need to focus on American Horror Story, let Ian run the writer's room and most of the Glee operations, and go from there. Thankfully, all of this back-and-forth hasn't soured me on the actual show...yet.


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