July 26, 2011

Quick Thoughts: WHITE COLLAR, "As You Were"

So far Season 4 of White Collar has been firing on all cylinders, so it's a bummer that "As You Were" was only OK. On one hand, I was glad to get back to the back-and-forth between Neal and Peter, and I liked most of Jones' backstory, but we did not get enough fallout between Neal and Sara.

At the end of Season 3, I was firmly on Team Alex because I felt Neal had the most chemistry with her and not with Sara. Boy did that change during Season 4. Not only did Neal and Sara click during their short time together, but seeing Sara in on the cons was also a lot of fun. I think we all knew they weren't meant to last, but I was a little upset at how quickly things were broken off, and the fact that we really didn't get any further closure during "As You Were" left a bad taste in my mouth.  Now, I'm fully aware that this is not the end of their story, but spending some time on their break up would've been nice. It doesn't help that the show is bringing in Eliza Dushku to fill the void in Caffery's life. Ugh.

The rest of the non-Sara stuff was entertaining, but a little on the nose. The heart to heart that Neal and Jones had was a nice moment, but it totally telegraphed what was going to happen once Neal found the manifest. I'm glad that he's conflicted, but it's all starting to feel predictable. As for Jones, I'm always for getting to know more about the supporting characters, so bonus points for that.

For the first time in a long time, White Collar gave us a bad guy who actually felt like a threat. Most of the time the team is focusing on chasing down business men, con-artists, and forgers, but usually they aren't very intimidating. Van Horn was very menacing as he literally hunted down Neal. Speaking of that scene, I wonder how many "swoon" tweets filled Twitter when people saw Bomer in Navy dress whites.

In all reality, I probably liked "As You Were" more than I'm leading on. I just wanted more time focused on the drama going on between Sara and Neal because, and I can't believe I' saying this, I'm actually invested in their relationship. I just hope Dushku is a minor blip on his radar because I don't know how much of her I'll be able to take...


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