July 5, 2011

Quick Thoughts: WHITE COLLAR, "Veiled Threat"

After a great, character driven episode last week, we got a great stand-alone episode of White Collar. "Veiled Threat" may not have progressed the season long story, but it was a heck of a lot fun to watch.

You've got to give it to Jeff Eastin because he knows where his bread is buttered: the relationship between Peter and Neal. What made "Veiled Threat" a great episode had nothing to do with the Case of the Week, a black widow and her partner were taking seducing billionaires, but seeing Neal and Peter work off each other both undercover and as partners. This episode also had to be one of the funnier installments as everyone got in some good lines, and I'm loving how Jones has been featured more this season. Heck, I even liked watching Neal and Sara together.

I would've liked more of the on-going tension between Neal and Peter make an appearance, but it probably would've slowed down the momentum of the overall episode, so I'll let it slide. Another small quibble had to do with the focus of the show. It's starting to feel like White Collar is morphing into something else, like a version of Leverage, which isn't a bad thing, but I watch this show for a specific reason. Also, the ending was a little too sweet, but I'll let that one slide too.

Aside from those minor gripes, "Veiled Threat" was just a fun ride from start to finish, and proof of how good this show can be. Now let's get back to Peter and Neal not trusting one another.


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