July 11, 2011

Episode Review: THE GLEE PROJECT, "Dance-ability"

So, it may have taken me longer to catch on than others, but I'm starting to doubt Ryan Murphy's judgement. This wavering confidence has nothing to do with Season 2 of Glee, but with this past Sunday's episode of The Glee Project.

Homework Assignment
This week's theme was dancing, so of course Harry Shum, Jr. had to be the guest mentor (HeMo was too busy getting all famous), and I wouldn't have had it any other way. The Wanna-Glees had to sing and dance to "Hey, Soul Sister", and I'm convinced that Train can retire thanks to all of these singing shows since every one of them has to use this song. Some of the contestants moves were better than others, but for the most part they had fun with the assignment, and Harry noticed. The LXDer ended up picking Samuel because he was able to connect better while dancing.

Out of all of the guest mentors, Harry was by far the favorite, and it had nothing to do with the fact that he's one of my favorite characters/performers on the show (OK, maybe it had a little to do with it), but what impressed me was the fact that he wasn't scared of giving them constructive criticism. It was even good feedback, which is more than what we got from Idina and Darren.

Video Shoot
In order to show off their dance moves, the contestants had to shoot their version of M.C. Hammer's "U Can't Touch This", and for some reason this brought out tons of drama. Apparently, Hannah thought she could rap and ripped off Kung-Fu Panda's "Skadoosh", which Sam in turn took from her during his freestyle rap, and she was all upset. First off, she shouldn't be mad that someone ripped off her rip-off because it wasn't hers to begin with.

Since most people were self-conscious about their skills, they were holding back or were stressed out, which caused some to act like divos, Alex and Matheus in particular. Others just didn't bring it, like Cameron, because they were too focused on not messing up. On the plus side, we got some really good moments from Lindsay, Marissa, and Damian.

Last Chance Performance
By episode's end the Bottom 3 consisted of Matheus (bad attitude), Alex (bad attitude and not bringing it), and McKynleigh (still not connecting emotionally). I was giddy that Matheus was in the Bottom 3 and had my fingers crossed that he'd be going home.

His version of some song I've never heard before was truly awful, and his striptease was just off-putting, but it looked like the judges enjoyed it. McKynleigh's performance of "My Last Name" finally allowed her to show her sassy side, but it was probably too little too late. Alex did a good job with "I Will Always Love You", but it felt safe. He did sound good though.

When the dust settled, it was obvious that McKynleigh was going home, but I couldn't figure out why. Sure, it was taking her a little longer to show her emotional side, but she's been agreeable and willing to improve whereas the two boys had piss-poor attitudes. I'm still convinced that Matheus is only sticking around because of his unique look rather than his horrible singing and dancing, which is shame because McKynleigh was so much better than him. I was OK with Alex staying, but Matheus should have gone home.

Final Thoughts
I don't know how much more time I can dedicate to this show because it has no rhyme or reason when it comes to eliminations. It's clear that true talent has nothing to do with it because there are people still around who cannot effectively perform, but I'm tried of beating a dead horse.

Unfortunately, I'm still invested in Cameron and Damian, and Marissa has quickly become one of my favorites. Heck, even Lindsay is interesting enough in my opinion, so I might have to give it a few more shots. I'm just praying that someone gets some sense and Matheus goes home sooner or later. There I go again...


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