July 11, 2011

Quick Thoughts: SyFy's Monday Night Line-Up

I'm going to be honest and admit that my thoughts about SyFy's new Monday night line-up is not going to be objective because I only half-watched the entire time, but the premieres of these three shows were kind of a big deal, so I wanted to crank something out:

Eureka: "Liftoff"
Eureaka Season 4.5 (most annoying gimmick ever) pretty much picked up where Season 4.0 left off. Carter and Allison are together and finding out that work place relationships are complicated. Yawn. Fargo's still in charge of Global Dynamic, and another accident happened on his watch that Carter somehow able to fix. Yawn. The only half-way interesting plot point was the tension between Jo and Zane, and I've never liked that coupling, so I was shocked that I cared for once. I just want Jo to be happy I guess. Overall, just another standard episode of Eureka. I'm close to giving up on this show because it's the same old gags over and over again. Yawn.

Warehouse 13: "The New Guy"
Unlike Eureka, Warehouse 13 tried to do something different by adding a new character that actually worked within the show's world. ATF agent, Steve Jinks, was recruited to work for Warehouse 13, and was a great addition to the team mostly due to his chemistry with Pete. Of course, Myka was bound to come back, and it was good to see them all together again, but I did wish they would have kept her on the sideline a little longer. Why have her quit just to bring her back during the season premiere? Seems like a wasted opportunity in my opinion. This week's artifact: a cursed Shakespeare folio was a nice touch, and it gave Myka something to do. All of the laughs didn't hurt either.

Alphas: "Pilot"
Out of the three shows that aired tonight, Alphas is the one I'm going to have to watch a few times to appreciate. I was immediately won over by the idea of a team of super humans, but we all know this genre does not work well on TV, so my expectations were low. Instead of Alphas easily hopping over the low bar, it ended up boring me, and I started doing chores. It just didn't have a hook that grabbed me right off the bat, but I'm willing to give the pilot another once over before making up my mind on the show. Besides, there's always FX's Powers...

The novelty of SyFy may have finally started to wear off because I really wasn't dying to watch any of these shows, but they have a good enough track record, and buzz in Alphas' case, that I felt obligated to check them out. They weren't disappointing, but they didn't blow me away either. I can't wait for Being Human to come back.


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