July 18, 2011

Episode Review: THE GLEE PROJECT, "Pairability"

Apparently, The Glee Project's goal is not only about finding a new cast member, but also about being more melodramatic than its parent series. This week's duet episode relied a little too much on the tension between some of the contestants, which kinda took me out of the entire thing.

Homework Assignment
The Wanna-Glees teamed up to sing Lady Antebellum's "Need You Now". Some of the couples did a decent enough job, but none of them could hold a candle to Lea and Mark. Out of all of the pairs, Cameron and Marissa were by far the best, and it looked like they had genuine chemistry, and Darren Criss agreed. He gave Marissa her first win, and her prize was she could pick her partner for the music video assignment. Instead of dancing with the date that brought her, she ended up going with Samuel over Cameronv which hurt her original partner's feelings.

Video Shoot
Instead of making one group music video, the contestants were paired up once again and had to shoot individual ones. Damian and Matheus performed "The Lady is a Tramp" which was sub-par at best, Hannah and Alex's version of "Nowadays" was boring, and Marissa and Samuel's 80's themed video for "Don't You Want Me" felt forced. Out of all of the pairs, Lindsay and Cameron's take on "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was my favorite performance, and unfortunately it was derailed thanks to Lindsay's impromptu kiss, which caused even more angst for Cameron.

I get that duets are a big part of Glee, but this assignment was by far the weakest to date. Most of the pairs didn't really click, their videos were hastily thrown together and looked amateurish, and it all felt like a waste of time. Having the twosomes go into the Last Chance Performances also threw off the rhythm of the show.

Last Chance Performance
Since the pairs had to go into the Last Chance Performances together, and there were only four duos, the Bottom Three was anti-climactic since it was obvious that Marissa and Samuel were going to be safe. The duet partners had to perform another number, and only three of the six would be saved.

After everyone performed, the judges saved Hannah, Lindsay, and Damien which meant Matheus, Alex, and Cameron were all back in the Bottom 3. Since they did not have to perform again, it felt like the Bottom 3 were judged on arbitrary reasons, but what else is new.

In a shocker, Matheus was sent home. I've never hidden the fact that I did not care for Matheus, and I felt that he was only sticking around due to his unique look, but even I was a little surprised that he was sent home this time around. I'm not sad to see him go, but I would've liked an explanation especially since I thought Alex should've been cut this week.

Final Thoughts
The judges continued their head-scratching ways, and I still cannot get a handle on what Ryan Murphy is looking for. I still think someone like Cameron would be a natural on Glee, but for some reason Murphy cannot get on board even though Robert and Zach continue to fight for him. Trying to understand RM's logic is getting beyond frustrating, but I should be used to it by now.

I was relieved that Cameron was given another chance, and I'm hoping that Ryan will finally come to his senses, but I'll be happy if a combination of him, Damian, Marissa, and Lindsay make the final round. That group may not be the most refined when it comes to singing, dancing, and acting, but I see Glee characters when I look at them. I'm just not sure that Ryan does.


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