July 13, 2011

News: GLEE Exodus

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed something Gleeks have known for some time now; major characters will be leaving the show after Season 3. Since Ryan Murphy has been saying this for years, it's not all that shocking, but I do question the timing.

McKinley High seniors Rachel, Kurt, and Finn will definitely be exiting Glee, and they're just the tip of the iceberg. Now, I've always been on board with the decision to have some of the main characters graduate because it's logical. I just wish Murphy had kept his mouth shut for a while.

With Season 3 still being written, I guess it makes sense that Murphy & Co. have an idea of how the story is going to progress towards graduation day, but breaking this news too early could back fire. I've been honest about how I feel about some Glee fans. They're fickle people who will not adapt to change well. On top of that, they're very loyal to their favorite characters. If you tell them that three of their faves will not be coming back, especially after a rocky second season, you run the risk of turning them away from the show altogether.

Maybe I'm wrong, and I'm not giving some of the fans enough credit, but I will not be shocked if the ratings for Season 3 take a bit of a hit, which could mean we won't even have to worry about a fourth season. But like I've said many of times before, maybe three seasons is enough.

P.S. - THR posted one of my tweets about this story. I've made it!


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