July 12, 2011

Quick Thoughts: WHITE COLLAR, "Scott Free"

White Collar continued its fabulous third season with the near perfect "Scott Free". Not only did we get a little gas thrown on the slow-burning fire that is the cat-and-mouse game between Neal and Peter, but we also got a very fun reverse heist to boot.

Having Peter and Neal on the tail of a young, up-and-coming con-man who stole from rich people just to donate money to charities in their names was more a character study about Neal than anything. Of course Caffery saw a bit of himself in Scott, and tried to save him to prove to himself that he has in fact changed. Or has he? What was great about "Scott Free" was the fact that we got a little more insight into who Neal is, but even more questions were brought up.

On top of Neal staring at himself a few years ago, the writers took the opportunity to remind him that his time may be running out. This new kid could very well be the heir apparent, and that made Neal uneasy because he's not used to someone nipping at his heels. The only thing better than seeing Caffery at his smoothest is seeing him all flustered, and Matthew Bomer proved he can pull of both versions of the character quite well.

The icing on the cake though was seeing Neal, Scott, Mozzie, and Sara plant a stolen diamond-encrusted bustier in the uncrackable vault of another baddie in order to clear Scott. It was just one of those fun, old-fashioned heist moments that makes shows like White Collar so much fun to watch. Plus, Hilarie Burton was SMOKING!

Just when I thought "Scott Free" could not get any better, the final scenes where Peter told Neal that people can change which was followed by Neal trying out his new alias right before Sara showed up was an amazing series of moments. The fallout between these characters is going to be good.

So far Season 3 has been firing on all cylinders, and this new arc pitting Neal and Peter against one another has made me forget all about Kate and the music box. Excellent stuff from Eastin and company.


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