July 7, 2011

News: WHITE COLLAR's Battle of the Title Sequences

So far, Season 3 of White Collar has been nearly flawless except for one major component: the title sequence.

For some unknown reason, the show's creators decided to totally revamp the opening credits, and I was not feeling it. Apparently, I was not the only one because the change has caused a hub-bub among White Collar fans that USA has decided to let fans vote to either keep the new version or go back to the old one (you can see them here).

Now, this is an interesting way to approach the problem because it's a relatively small fix that could give the fans some ownership, which is appreciated. I for one want the old title sequence back because it just set the right tone for the show. It's more upbeat, it's fun, and you can immediately understand what the show is about just by seeing the brief glimpses of the cast members. The new one is OK, but the music is just so boring, and it does not get me excited to watch the show. Luckily, the episodes have overcome the lackluster opening.

When are showrunners going to figure out that the most minute changes can set off fandoms? Just ask Ryan Murphy.


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