August 9, 2011

News: EUREKA Cancelled After Season 5

After going back and forth over the last couple of days, Syfy officially decided to end Eureka after Season 5. While I won't mourn the loss of the show, I do feel bad for the fans. I'm not looking forward to the "Save Eureka" campaigns though.

I am a little shocked that Syfy pulled the plug on one of its more popular series. Maybe there are factors that we're not aware of like higher costs and/or lower ratings, but it's still a head-scratcher. On the other hand, it takes some stones to make such a bold move. Maybe USA will follow suit and cancel Psych. Just a thought.

So what's next for Syfy? Newbies like Being Human, Warehouse 13, Alphas, and Sanctuary (to a lesser extent) could be next in line to carry the torch for a while. With that kind of stable, I can't feel too bad for the network formally known as Sci-Fi.

P.S. - I'm going to try to cool it on the Psych bashing, but I cannot make any promises.


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