August 24, 2011

Watch: GLEE Season 3 Promo

The first promo for Season 3 of Glee has been released, and it doesn't really share that much information which I suppose is fine...

It's interesting to see the slushie be replaced with a dodge ball, but maybe it's a good idea since there's been an outbreak of slushie attacks in real high schools.

Other Stray Observations:
  • Mike taking the bullet for Tina...nice!
  • Santana and Brittany are Cheerios again? Yippie. At least they didn't have Quinn join the squad again...yet.
  • Glad to see Beiste get some face time.
  • Blaine's out of his Dalton blazer, which may confirm his move to McKinley, and that's the one move that would make me consider giving up on this show. We'll have to see how they pull this one off.
  • Emma's looking cuter than ever.
  • I kinda miss seeing Sam around.
I'm starting to have some minor reservations about Season 3, but I'm still excited for the premiere in spite of them.


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