August 30, 2011

Watch: SONS OF ANARCHY Season 4 Promo

Previews for the upcoming fall television season are coming out fast and furiously, and the most recent one that caught my eye was the Season 4 promo for Sons of Anarchy

I caught up on SoA in a few weeks, so I didn't have as much of an adverse reaction to last season's Sons in Ireland arc, but I do have to admit that it didn't pack the same punch as the first two outings. From the looks of the video, the Sons may be back to their old ways, which could result in a comeback season...

I'm entertained by SoA, but I'm not sure if it's going appointment viewing. Since it's premiering next week to beat the rest of the fall debuts, I'll probably check out the first few episodes of Season 4, but it really has to wow me to keep me around regularly. Then again, I don't have a 10p/9c show on Tuesday nights, so it very well may fill the void.


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