September 19, 2011

TV Showdown: Battle of the Emmy Opening Numbers

I've only been watching the Emmys regularly for a few years now, but the on-going trend seems to be kicking-off the show with a musical number. Here are the last four memorable performances:

2007: Stewie & Brian Griffin (FOX)

The Family Guy number kicked off the 2007 Emmys, and it's still somewhat decent although I could've done without some of the lower-brow jokes. Then again, it's Family Guy. What do you expect?

2009: Neil Patrick Harris (CBS)

In my opinion, NPH truly kicked off the trend (although I know I'm wrong about this assertion), and it's hard to top his Broadway-style opening number. Plus, I like how it's well executed without being overly produced. Still one of the best awards show moments to date.

2010: Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

It's only been a year, but it's hard to remember a time when it was actually OK to like Glee. The musical dramedy took the world by storm, so it was only natural that the Emmys would riff on one of TV's biggest shows. For my money, Fallon's "Born to Run" sketch brilliantly combined music, comedy, and pop culture which made it a phenom in its own right.

2011: Janey Lynch (FOX)

I've already shared my thoughts on Lynch's opening number, and while it does have its moments, it cannot stand up to NPH or Fallon's. Sorry Sue, but that's how Cos sees it.

Honorable Mention - 2008: Josh Groban (ABC)

I don't know when Groban's medley of TV theme songs took place during the 2008 telecast, but it's impressive none the less. Too bad for him it took place during one of the worst Emmy shows ever.

WINNER: While it's hard to say no to NPH (who should host every awards show from now til the end of time), I'm going to have to give Jimmy Fallon the win, and it has nothing to do with my Glee bias. "Put Down the Remote" may be a better performance, but "Born to Run" has it all.


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