October 10, 2011

Show Review: 2 BROKE GIRLS

I'm starting to come to the realization that CBS sitcoms are just not my kind of shows. The recent down slides of How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory were just the beginnings of this epiphany, and this week's 2 Broke Girls may have pushed me over the edge.

"And the Rich People Problems" was another mediocre episode of a show that has thus far been a disappointment. I had high hopes for 2 Broke Girls going into the new season, but so far it's failed to meet my expectations. I'm not saying that the show isn't funny, but it could be a lot better, and the fact that it cannot reach the low bar I've set for it does not bode well.

I can see why 2 Broke Girls is a hit for CBS because it fits well within its crop of shows. It's a multi-camera show that relies heavily on broad humor that's usually aimed at the lowest common denominator. It's apparently a formula that works well for the Eye since most of its comedies are highly rated, but I guess I'm looking for more out of my sitcoms. They all don't have to be high-brow or sharp-tongued, but they have to offer more than sex, racist, and/or poop jokes.

Unfortunately for 2BG, the main draw for me has also become one of its hinderances. I've admitted that I'm a big fan of Kat Dennings, but it's becoming clear that she's not cut out for television. Most of her line deliveries feel extremely telegraphed, and you can actually see her waiting for the crowd reaction, which takes away from her performance. Plus her character's still too brash for my liking and her softer sides can get lost amongst the snark.

But, there's still a nugget of a good show buried beneath the lower-brow punchlines. The relationship between Max and Caroline is still interesting enough, and if the writers can make it work without letting it get overpowered by the less successful elements, then it might still be worth my time. Let's see where its at a few episodes from now.


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