November 23, 2011

Quick Thoughts: HAPPY ENDINGS, 'Full Court Dress"

I feel a little silly. A week after I pimped out Happy Endings hardcore and talked about how it's the best comedy on TV right now, they followed up the great "The Code War" with the less great "Full Court Dress."

"Full Court Dress" still had some good moments, but it wasn't as sharp as I would've expected. As usual, Penny and Max did the bulk of the heavy lifting, but even some of their scenes fell a little flat and she came off as needier than usual.

Even the reliable Brad was misfiring this time around, but I don't really blame Damon Wayans Jr. because he did the best with what he was given. Unfortunately, Zachary Knighton reminded us why everyone keeps saying that he's the weakest of the bunch, and Rob Riggle's over-the-top mailman didn't help anyone involved.

Sometimes it's hard to remember that Alex and Jane are sisters because they haven't had many scenes/stories together this season, but their moments were probably the strongest of the bunch. Elisha Cuthbert's performance continued to improve, and her bit still has me smitten. Having Eliza Coupe to work off of probably made things a little easier because she's reliable when it comes to bringing the funny. Those scenes of sisterhood also brought the right amount of sweetness without going overboard.

I'm glad that I promoted last week's episode as the one to watch for newbies because "The Code War" has been the best of the season, and "Full Court Dress" probably would've had people questioning my judgment. Still, there were some laughs throughout, but it didn't bring the fun consistently which is what I've come to expect from Happy Endings. They all can't be home runs.

UPDATE: Since I watched this episode while on the road for Thanksgiving, I wasn't able to jot down all of the best quotes, so here we go:

  • "I want a teacup rhino."
  • "Animals for Change helps to protect endangered species. Except for pandas. They have plenty of money. They are like the breast cancer of animal charities."
  • "But he don't own 'figure it out'"
  • "Well, the joke is on you because my corpse will probably be unrecognizable."
  • "Respect."
  • "Penny, I hate kids and I'm not the kind of hate that goes away after a series of zany misadventures where we grow to love each other..."
  • "If there's anything that fifteen years of babysitting has taught me it's: one, if a dad asks you how school's going, don't bite your lip, toss your hair, and say, 'I think we both know we're not talking about school'..."
  • "No hat! Good note."
  • "He gets super horny around noon, but who doesn't right?"
  • "To be fair, I am their real uncle. Blood is thicker than annoying."
  • Alex: "I don't know what I was thinking. I mean I stapled on five feathers. Why feathers?"
    Jane: "Why staples?!"
  • "I got a thing."
  • "Say hi to Nemo's mom for me."


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