December 7, 2011

Quick Thoughts: HAPPY ENDINGS, "Grinches Be Crazy"

One thing became pretty clear to me while watching this week's Happy Endings: the show works best when it's just about the six main characters. I've become used to their brand of crazy, but when the show tries to add supporting characters that try to match the main six, it can be hit or miss.

For example, I did not find the Brad/Jane story funny this time around, not because of Coupe and Wayans, but because their foreign housekeeper went from zero to nuts in no time flat which took me out of whatever they were doing. She reminded me of what I didn't like about "Full Court Dress" which also introduced a one-off character in the mailman who was so out there that he detracted from the episode instead of helped it. The same could be said about whatever her name was. Also, I didn't buy that someone as anal as Jane would mix up the envelopes like that, but that's what the bit needed, so that's what we got.

The Max and Penny plot about him being a Santa should have been the source of the episode's best material, but overall it was good but not phenomenal. Some of the jokes were a little weak, and it was obvious that Max was going to have a change of heart, but at least they've started to make him more of human being instead of a lovable slob. Don't get me wrong, I don't want him to grow up too much, but man-child Max has a short self-life.

Oddly enough, the story that I liked the most was Dave and Alex's mostly because Elisha Cuthbert continued to give it her all which made her both funny and cute, and I loved how she sold the coupon bit (DJ Alex Haley!). Zachary Knighton was once again the weakest link, but Dave wasn't asked to do too much, so no harm done. I'm not quite sure that we need Dave and Alex to get back together, but at least the kiss at the end didn't feel contrived. It made sense that old feelings would be stirred up due to the time the spent together and the spirit of the season.

Lines of the Night:

  • "Yeah, they may be coming for Julia Roberts and Annie Hathaway, but they're staying for Elizondo."
  • "No, I'd rather be surprised by a disappointment than be happy with what I expected. It's why I never ask if a pool is heated."
  • Jane: "Well, here is the greatest gift of all."
    Max: "Are these the Glen Gary leads?"
    Jane: "No. Those are for closers, you child."
  • Penny: "Really, you want to play Santa? Because you hate holidays and you hate kids."
    Max: "Yeah, but I love making extravagant promises that I don't have to fulfill..."
  • "I look great in a chunky belt."
  • "I love Indecent Proposal-ing with you."
  • "Wait for it, let the beat drop. Boom! There it is! You know it!"
  • Max: "Pen, something happened at Santa's Village and it's kinda hard to talk about it. I probably shouldn't even tell you."
    Penny: "You can talk to me about anything."
    Max: "Alright. There was this really cute kid who climbed into my lap. He was like wiggling around and whispering in my ear, and I felt something."
    Penny: "You can't talk to me about anything."
    Max: "Pen, the kid touched me."
    Penny: "You're going to blame the kid?"
    Max: "What? No! Eww! Penny, I open up to you and that's where your mind goes? C'mon, no!"
  • "You are as careless with your morals as you are with your underpants."
  • Brad: "So, you were ready to lead me away based on nothing, but Gwyneth Paltrow over here confesses and she gets it sorted out just by talking?"
    Cop: "I don't make the rules."
  • "Donkey kick!"
"Grinches Be Crazy" wasn't the best episode of Happy Endings ever, and that makes two weak ones in a row (they all can't be winners), but I'm not worried. Even at its low-points, Happy Endings still makes me laugh more than most of the sitcoms that I watch, so I'm still high on the show.


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