January 19, 2012

Quick Thoughts: ARCHER, "The Man from Jupiter"

Season 3 of Archer premiered, and it was kind of a big deal thanks to special guest star Burt Reynolds. While most of the episode had some classic Archer moments, I didn't feel like it was the show's strongest effort.

I guess my biggest issue with the episode was Burt Reynolds himself. His persona fits in well with the world of Sterling Archer, but his performance didn't feel right to me. I understand that voice acting takes a different skill set than regular acting, and that's why Reynolds didn't click for me because it sounded like he was reading his lines rather than performing them which took me out of the episode. Don't get me wrong, he's still got talent, but this was a definite weak spot for the Bandit.

Thankfully, everything else around Burt worked. I got a kick out of Isis having to evade the Cuban his squad that was out to kill Sterling thanks to all of the over-the-top action movie tropes they used. I even liked watching Malory get upset over being dumped by Burt Reynolds for a younger woman, but that had more to do with the insane things that came out of Pam's mouth.

While I didn't love "The Man from Jupiter," it still had enough laughs to keep from disliking it, and I'm glad that the show was able to bring in a higher profile guest star, but now we can move on and get back to basics. For more on this episode, check out my review at screeninvasion.com.


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