January 30, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEING HUMAN, "All Out of Blood"

"All Out of Blood" was an interesting episode to watch. I really didn't care for the stories that were introduced, but I still thought that it was extremely entertaining none the less.

While watching "All Out of Blood," it became clear that this show is at its best when it focuses on the three main characters just hanging out and talking about their lives. All of the vampire politics, werewolf mythology and ghost limbo can be fun, but it all takes a backseat to strong interactions between Aidan, Josh and Sally, and this episode had them in heaps.

On the story line front, some were better than others. I thought that Sally's temptation to reincarnate herself into a baby started off iffy, but it took an interesting turn mostly because of the introduction of the Zoey character. On the flip side, I thought that the love quadrangle that was introduced was a little contrived, but that scene where Nora stalked Josh's ex was chilling. I also wasn't too thrilled about the direction they're taking with Josh and Aidan because they came off as jerks. Sure, they were trying to protect those they cared about, but taking this approach is always a risky move. Just ask Will Schuester.

Again, from a narrative stand point, "All Out of Blood" had some questionable moments, but the chemistry between the three leads was great, and I can watch them chat and rag on each other all day. Also, Dawson's Creek jokes will always win me over, so the episode had that going for it as well.


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