January 23, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEING HUMAN, "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?"

I have to admit that I was more interested in episode two of Being Human's second season than I was in the premiere thanks to the expanded stories of Josh and Sally.

I still don't know how to react to Aidan's character and his arc. Maybe it's because I don't always buy Sam Witwer's performances, or maybe it's because I'm over the whole tortured vampire routine, but he's still the weakest link on this show. That being said, I thought he was given better material during "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" than he was during the premiere. An added surprise was the debut of Dichen Lachman as Suren, the new head of the Boston vampires who has a past with Aidan. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from Lachman because I wasn't too impressed with her work on Dollhouse or Torchwood: Miracle Day, but I thought she did a decent job.

Once again, Josh and Sally stole the show as they continued to deal with their new circumstances. Having Nora be a full werewolf ultimately makes sense, and I'm interested to see how this will impact their relationship. As for Sally, watching her posses someone's body and partake in all of the experiences that she's been missing out on since she's been a ghost was delightful until it took a dark turn, but even that move felt natural. I guess what it comes down to is Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath are acting circles around Witwer at this point, but I'm not complaining ... too much.

While Sally and Josh were once again the MVPs, I'm still willing to let Aidan's story unfold because I do see a lot of potential there. I just hope they don't turn him into another Angel clone like they did with Stefan on The Vampire Diaries, but that's a subject for another post.


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