January 16, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEING HUMAN, "Turn This Mother Out"

While I used to think that I was over the whole vampire craze, I was interested when Syfy adapted the British supernatural drama, Being Human, for the American audience. I checked out Season 1 with a hint of skepticism, but the world and characters that I was introduced to ultimately won me over, so I was excited that it was coming back for a second go-round. "Turn This Mother Out" was a fine effort, but I was expecting a little bit more out of it.

Out of the three storylines, I was probably let down by Aidan's the most because the idea of him being the new leader of the Boston vampire family had a lot of promise, but it felt like the show was backing away from it because they weren't sure he could handle the job. Now, admittedly his lack of leadership skills was what made the story interesting, but him being at odds with Mother and the rest of the council also has potential, especially after the way the first episode ended. I'm sure I'll get over my issues with Aidan's journey, but part of me wishes they had not even introduced this possibility if they were just going to abandon it so quickly.

Sally's story also lacked some of the punch that I was looking for which bummed me out even more because she's easily my favorite character. I understand that her coming to terms with being a ghost which would lead her to her door is what her path is all about, but I felt that this was all a re-hash of last season, and nothing was really added except for the fact that she had issues in high school and didn't like mean girls. That being said, I'm still really excited to see where Sally goes from here.

Josh's handling of being in a relationship with someone who knows about his secret was probably the meatiest of the three plots (pun kind of intended) because it felt like a natural progression from where he was at the end of Season 1. While seeing him brood and fight with Nora will get old fast, this first interaction was strong, and it set up what could be a volatile and captivating relationship. Plus, I liked how naturally Nora was brought into the fold (her pep talk to Sally was a highlight), and I hope that her being a part of this world can only broaden the story possibilities.

Overall, "Turn This Mother Out" was a good hour of television and was a good re-introduction to Being Human. I just wish it had made more of an impact during its first episode back, but I still think very highly of this show, and I'm happy to have it back.


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