January 20, 2012

Episode Review: CHUCK, "Chuck vs. The Bullet Train"

Once again, I have to give kudos to Chuck because the show still refuses to coast towards the finish line. The showrunners and writers were able to follow up the very strong "Chuck vs. Bo" with the even better "Chuck vs. The Bullet Train," which set the audience up for an epic series finale.

Chuck's still being held by Quinn and for some reason they were on a bullet train leaving Tokyo, but the newly Intersected Sarah was able to fake her and Casey's death and get them on board the same train so they could save their partner. Sarah was able to use her new skill set to rescue Chuck and capture Quinn, but she let it slip that she had downloaded the Intersect into her head. Things seemed to be going fine until Quinn revealed to Casey that his goons had captured Alex, and he would have her killed if he did not help him get the Intersect, so Casey had to turn on his teammates in order to save his daughter's life.

Back at the Buy More, Ellie and Awesome were running tests on Morgan to figure out why the Intersect affected his memories, and Alex was getting him some snacks to make him feel better when she was taken by Quinn's men. Luckily for her, Lester and Jeff had not given up on their suspicions about Chuck, Morgan, Casey and Sarah, so they ended up following the baddies and stalled them by sugaring their gas tank. Once Sarah was able to buy some more time after kicking Quinn off of the train, Casey and Morgan came up with a plan to get Alex back that involved Morgan and Devon storming the truck that held her. Unfortunately, Awesome and Morgan were also captured, so Jeff and Lester were the only ones left who could save the day, which of course they did with a sub-machine gun and a flame-thrower.

Meanwhile, Ellie continued to do her research on the Intersect's affects on people's brains, and she concluded that the number of flashes a person has a correlation with the deterioration of their memories. Since Sarah's been flashing like crazy due to the fact that she cannot control them, she was in serious danger and had already started losing details about her life. The Bartowskis worked on setting up a suppression device to save Sarah, but Chuck wasn't able to download it in time thanks to Quinn messing with the train's Internet. After a pretty decent fight between Chuck and Quinn, the villain was able to escape yet again, but this time he had Sarah as his prisoner. His new plan was to wipe her memory clean of the last five years, and to have her take out Chuck once and for all.

Honestly, aside from some slight plot holes, "Chuck vs. The Bullet Train" may have been the perfect episode of Chuck. For the first time in a while it felt that our heroes were in real danger, there were real stakes and the entire ensemble played their parts flawlessly. I know I've been hard on Jeffster in the past, but I've loved what they've done with these two over the last couple of weeks, and I'm really excited to see if they're going to play a role in the final two episodes.

The real nail-biter though had to do with Sarah, and while giving her amnesia isn't the most inspired decision ever, I do think that that the twist at the end of "Bullet Train" has some real potential. While I doubt the creators will rob the fans of the happy ending we've been waiting for, having a brief detour where Sarah and Chuck have to face off could make for some interesting storytelling, and I'm excited to see where they go from here.

Other Odds and Ends:
  • How many times are they going to bring up the dumping via text? Get over it already!
  • I liked the new train-inspired opening sequence, but I can't help to think that I'm missing a reference.
  • Casey drawing on Chuck and Sarah was intense!
  • Japanese schoolgirls? Really, Chuck?
  • So no one saw these people toting around massive weapons in the middle of a strip mall parking lot?
  • Chuck's faith in Jeff and Lester was kinda sweet.
  • Seeing Lester decked out like a mini-Rambo while "O Canada" played was one of the best moments ever.
  • "I haven't sug-ed a tank in days."
  • "Wait, we have something better than a Buy More. We have a train full of Japanese people."
  • "Go to my Crown Vic."
  • "Leave the heavy stuff. You'll just blow yourself up."
  • "I can't believe we're this terrible."
  • Casey: "I need you, my daughter needs you, and your country needs you."
    Lester: "Canada?"
  • "Behold the Flame of Destiny!"
I know that this entire season's been leading up to next week's series finale, and I thought I was ready to say goodbye to Chuck, but I don't think I am after the last couple of episodes. These last few installments have reinvigorated the show, and I want more stories about this group of characters. I guess I can be glad that Chuck's probably going to go out at the top of its game, which is comforting, but I'm not ready to let go. Can't we get just 9 more episodes, please?


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