March 26, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEING HUMAN, "Don't Fear the Scott"

I know that I've been pretty hard on Being Human during its second season, but last week's episode was one of the series' best, and I was glad that "Don't Fear the Scott" was a solid follow-up.

So far, I haven't hidden the utter boredom that comes along with the Boston vampire family arc that Aidan's been stuck in, and I was expecting to dislike this episode when I saw Suren show up, but I have to admit that I actually found myself enjoying his story this time around. I think part of it had to do with that hilarious double date that he and Josh orchestrated (which Sally naturally eased drop on), and I was once again reminded how funny this show can be. Between this scene and the one last week when Aidan was high off of Josh's blood, I was rolling. Aidan just didn't bring the laughs because I truly believed that he loves Suren (even though that's developed faster than I would've liked), and watching him say goodbye to his roommates and friends was the right mix of sad and sweet. It's just too bad that it's probably going to be negated when Suren's killed because she ran off with him. At least where I see this ending up.

I was not as fond of the new love triangle between Josh, Julia and Nora because it felt like the same old thing. It was clear that Nora was not going to be taken out of the picture just yet, so it was only a matter of time until she showed back up in order to conflict him. I will say that it was nice surprise seeing him pick Julia over Nora since being with her would be the more complicated option, but much like Suren, I don't see this relationship lasting much longer. Whether he goes back to Nora could be interesting story telling if the writers can pull it off.

Rather than focusing on Nora's interactions with Josh, I thought that the start of her redemption arc by helping Sally make amends with the woman she possessed was a nice re-introduction. It's sometimes easy to forget that all of these people were humans at one point, and that the show's based on them reclaiming their humanity, so the scenes involving these two were a nice refresher. Despite a solid episode last week, I'm still on the fence about the Reaper (aka Scott) because I still cannot see the end game, and I'm already a little weary about Sally's arc since it's been all over the place this season. I am excited to see what happens though.

So, even though I haven't loved every episode of Season 2, Being Human's still an enjoyable way to spend an hour because I like these characters and care about what happens to them. Taking them out of the more complicated scenarios and placing them in mundane situations like double dates make this show work, and I'm happy that we had a chance to see these three be human for a change. See what I did there?


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