March 20, 2012

Quick Thoughts: BEING HUMAN, "Dream Reaper"

Once again, Being Human strips away all of the extra stuff, boils an episode down to the main three characters (with a few supporting ones), and you get another solid outing. Why can't this show be like this all of the time?

There was a lot to like about "Dream Reaper." The dream world that Sally created for herself was amazing due to the set design and costuming, and while the grey vs. purple motif felt like it was trying too hard it was also different which I appreciated. Obviously, it was also nice to see Sally in a totally different environment even though we knew what was going on. The ending was also a nice, bittersweet moment since she spiraled out of control because she felt isolated and created a happy space for herself but decided to comeback to the real world just to be alone again. Good stuff.

The inevitable blow up between Aidan and Josh finally happened, and it was a mix of relief, sadness and humor. We want these two to be friends forever, but they were bound to hit some bumps along the way, and it looked like their friendship was going to be tested and possibly severed. On one hand, I'm glad they had it out, but I know that there's going to be many more issues down the road, but it felt like they cleared a big hurdle so all is good for now. I mean Josh let Aidan drink his blood. You can't get any more bromantic than that.

Going back and forth on this show has started to become exhausting. One week we get a solid, roommate centric episode like "Dream Reaper," and the next we're back to boring arcs involving Suren, Mother, Henry and Julia. It's not like I don't understand that this show cannot just be about the three main characters, but so far Season 2 hasn't made me care about anyone else which is why it's had this uneven feel to it. I'm still in, but I really need to give a damn about these supporting characters sooner than later.


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