March 29, 2012

Quick Thoughts: COMMUNITY, "Digital Exploration of Interior Design"

It's starting to look like I should just give up on getting a "normal" episode of Community before the season ends, but I'd be OK with that if every concept episode's as good as "Digital Exploration of Interior Design." To be fair though, this episode was more balanced than most, and the right mix of wacky and real made it all work.

Much like last week, I really liked the Troy and Abed storyline because it was by far the more balanced (there's that word again) of the plots. The idea of these two building a massive pillow fort has been done before, and was an antic that felt very in character, but using it as a way to further drive the wedge between the two of them was bittersweet and awesome. Like I mentioned in my write-up for "Contemporary Impressionists," I'm all for this relationship to change for a while, and even though it'd be sad to see Troy and Abed on the outs with one another, it would be so interesting to watch.

My second favorite of the night had to be Britta falling in love with the human embodiment of Subway (part of my enjoyment had to do with the return of Scrubs' Keith Dudemeister). This one really amped up the silliness, but it was also able to get in some fun jabs at corporations, capitalism, ideals and compromise. Plus, it was nice seeing Britta get the chance to have some romantic moments with someone besides Jeff. The only minor slip up was Pierce, but that's only because the idea of him drinking ink fell flat in my opinion (everything else he did was pretty great).

That leaves the Jeff/Annie story as my least favorite, but that's not to say that it was bad. It just felt too familiar. Of course Jeff didn't know about a locker, and of course he got a hate letter, and of course Annie used it as a way to vent her sexual frustrations, and of course there was the swerve about Kim being a guy. All of the beats have been used before, but we did get some character growth from Jeff even though it wasn't enough to completely change him. At least we know he's willing to at this point in his life.

I didn't know that this episode was the first of a two-parter, which made sense after I watched it because it felt like it just ended mid story. I would've been a little irked if we didn't get any closure to what happened between Troy and Abed, so I'm excited for next week's episode.


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