May 14, 2012

TV Upfronts: FOX's 2012-2013 Fall Schedule

It was FOX's day to cart out its new fall schedule, and for the most part it was exactly what most people predicted. We finally get the two-hour comedy block that everyone's been buzzing about, and Glee once again gets one of the network's best lead-ins. So, really it was much ado about nothing.

2012-2013 Fall Line-up (NOTE: New shows are in UPPER CASE and times are Eastern Standard)

8-9p: Bones

Initial Thoughts: With House bowing out, it only made sense to keep Bones on Monday nights to help launch new shows. Initially, I saw Kevin Williamson's new show in the post Bones spot (which it will be mid-season), and while I don't know much about The Mob Doctor, it does sound compatible so good on FOX for making the most logical pairing.

8-8:30p: Raising Hope
8:30-9p: BEN AND KATE
9-9:30p: New Girl

Initial Thoughts: It shouldn't surprise anyone that FOX decided to go with a two-hour comedy block on Tuesdays since it now has a moderate hit to build around in New Girl. I'll admit, I'm a little stunned that Raising Hope is kicking off the line-up since it's never been a ratings hit, and I thought FOX would've taken a risk by having a new sitcom start the night.

8-10p: The X-Factor

Initial Thoughts: Nothing of note here. Let's move on.

8-9p: The X-Factor Results
9-10p: Glee

Initial Thoughts: I'm sure there are some out there who are surprised by FOX's decision to move Glee to Thursday nights, but I'm not one of them. Glee to Thursdays makes sense because while it's not what it used to be, the show's still one of the network's best rated scripted series, so why not reward it by giving it a plump spot. Also, its ratings have been slipping, so having an X-Factor/Idol lead-in can help out an already ailing show. Plus, this season has already proven that X-Factor and Idol don't really launch new shows, so why waste it on a gamble?

8-9p: Touch
9-10p: Fringe

Initial Thoughts: Why renew Touch if you're just going to put in on Friday nights when you could have just picked up The Finder which was starting to establish itself? OK, mini-rant over. In theory, I can see why Touch and Fringe are paired up since they both have outside-the-box concepts, but it seems like an odd move since Touch was supposed to be the next big thing. If FOX was just going to throw it under the bus, why bring it back at all?

8-End: Fox Sports Saturday

Initial Thoughts: Sports on Saturday makes sense.

8-8:30p: The Simpsons
8:30-9p: Bob's Burgers
9-9:30p: Family Guy
9:30-10p: American Dad

Initial Thoughts: No real changes to see here.

Mid-Season: American Idol, The Cleveland Show, Cops, The Following, The Goodwin Games, Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.

Honestly, FOX's schedule is as straight-forward as you can get. It made some vital moves, but they all make sense and they don't leave people scratching their heads. Sure, it may not set the world on fire either, but it looks to be reliable enough for the network.


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