August 24, 2012

Episode Review: AWKWARD., "Homewrecker Hamilton"

Over the course of Awkward.'s second season, I've written about how I haven't been opposed to the love triangle that exists between Jenna and her two beaus, but I think I'm starting to reach my limit because I found myself getting very frustrated while watching "Homewrecker Hamilton."

Jenna had to find out why Jake dumped her, and he made his reason pretty clear when he sent her a picture of her making out with Matty after their break-up with the caption, "You are a cheater." From there it was a series of passive aggressive moves from him and her incessantly telling him that they needed to talk. Matty got involved when Jake said that he knew everything, and the tension finally exploded at a pep rally after Jake tried to shame the truth out of his ex-best friend and girlfriend in front of the whole school. After being pushed too far, and taking three punches to the face, Matty knocked out Jake. Obviously, all of the drama led to Jenna having mixed emotions, so she went to her blog, and the mystery commentor convinced her to come clean so everyone could know the whole story. After her back-and-forth with her invisible friend, she decided to make her blog public and thus humiliating those she cared about.

Meanwhile, Ming was back and dealing with Becca and the Asian Mafia who was trying to take her down because the boy she met at the V-day party was Becca's ex. As it turned out, Becca was not happy about Ming getting close to her ex, so she went all "Asian bitch" on her which apparently involved covert sabotage techniques learned from ninjas.

I guess the reason why I'm starting to tire of the love triangle non-sense is because it doesn't quite make sense to me. I never understood why Jenna was with Jake in the first place, and their relationship felt like a stall tactic to build up momentum as she headed back to Matty. Yet, the way Jenna's been reacting to Jake's hissy-fit makes it feel like she genuinely wants to be with him, and that's annoying because he doesn't deserve her. Now, I know Team Jake will say that he's always been the nice guy who was proud of being with her, which I cannot deny, but his true colors came out during "Homewrecker" and he didn't seem all that nice. Plus, Jenna sabotaged her own relationship with Matty by getting too caught up in her own head, and he never had a real chance to show what kind of boyfriend he could be. So, I guess what it all comes down to is Matty's the true hero of the story and shouldn't be subjected to the crazy that is Jenna and Jake. If I had my way, he'd end up with Ming anyway (seriously, how cute was it when he styled her hair back in Season 1).

Speaking of Ming, I should have been more upset about the re-appearance of the slightly offensive Asian Mafia, but I was so disinterested in it all that I couldn't muster any emotion... at all. I should be happy that she still has a storyline that's all her own, but I just wish it was something more substantial than a battle of stereotypes. See, a Ming/Matty pairing doesn't sound so bad after all, right?

Other Odds and Ends
  • Glad to have Kevin back for more than a second, but I also wish he was involved in a better storyline.
  • I'm starting to appreciate Sadie's "tell it like it is" approach.
  • Lissa's cluelessness about what was going on was refreshingly charming.
  • More inappropriate and uncomfortable scenes with Valerie. Yay?!?
  • That said, Matty was the clear winner, so at least she got that part right.
For my own sanity's sake, I probably shouldn't get so invested in who Jenna's going to end up with. From the looks of it, Jake's going to be in the picture for some time, and I can't help but be bored by him and his relationship with Jenna. But I know that I'll be a card-carrying member of Team Matty for the foreseeable future, so I should just get used to it.


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