August 17, 2012

Episode Review: AWKWARD., "Time After Time"

The majority of the time spent during "Time After Time" focused on the fallout of last week's revelation that Jenna was Matty's first, and the rest was wasted on mostly unfunny wedding shenanigans. To say that I was torn after watching this episode would be an understatement.

Now that Jake knew the truth about Jenna's relationship with Matty, the true test was going to be how he handled it. Since it's Awkward., he played amateur detective by calling his best friend with hopes that he'd come clean and broke up with Jenna rather than talk to her. Of course, our heroine was completely blindsided and couldn't understand what had just happened. In lieu of actually having a conversation with Jake, she once again got caught up in her head and convinced herself that he was hurt because she still hadn't said those three magic words, and maybe it took her so long because she's still in love with Matty. Cue the third wheel showing up at her door, but this time as a friend. After talking about everything that happened, Jenna told Matty that she still loved him, and the two started making out ... as Jake watched from outside her door. Damn, windows!

Not only did Jenna have to wonder about what happened between her and Jake, she had to agonize over the fact that her mom was still all googly-eyed over her ex-beau. Things did not get any better when she caught them making out, and neither did Aunt Ally's rant about how her dad ruined Lacey's life and how she should've been with Ben all along. Jenna tried one last stall tactic as she called Kevin to warn him, but he showed up to the wedding to witness her wife in the arms of another man. Rather than fight for her, she sulked away after one of Ally's tongue-lashings. All of this drama was just to underline the theme of mistiming and to drive home the parallels between Jenna's life and her mom's.

Elsewhere, Val, Ally and Tamara wandered in and out of the episode to provide their usual unfunny lines and to take up space. At least Sadie was around to keep things interesting.

At this point, I don't think I'm ever going to care about any of the adult characters with the exception of Kevin since he's the only tolerable one, but that might not even last since he's apparently a not-so-nice guy. At least that's according to Ally. Seriously, I don't think I cracked a smile due to anything that the grown-ups did, and I got antsy the longer the story strayed away from Jenna, Jake and Matty. That being said, I didn't really laugh at all during this one, but at least the love triangle stuff was at least somewhat entertaining.

On principle, I tend to shy away from love triangles because they can lead to lazy writing, but for some reason I'm genuinely invested in this one. It all comes back to Matty, who had a good episode as he once again showed his compassionate side, and while I wanted him to console Jake, he's a teenage boy so I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up. Instead, we got the very cliched moment where he showed up at Jenna's, but I liked how he was there to support her rather than make a move. I guess it could be argued being there's essentially a move as well, but the scene in Jenna's bedroom didn't play that way to me. Plus, she was the one who got the ball rolling by admitting her feelings to him, so he technically was not in the wrong when he kissed her. He still probably shouldn't have given in though, but he's a teenage boy after all.

Regardless of the moral dilemmas involved, I'm glad that Jenna and Jake's perfect relationship has hit a bump (again, Team Matty all the way!), and the fallout should be interesting. How long before we get a Friends-esque fight between the two lovers?

Other Odds and Ends
  • While I didn't find Val all that funny, I did appreciate her enthusiasm as head bridesmaid.
  • OK, the leg-humping line did make me laugh out loud.
  • Jake's fake-out in his car was cold-blood, but also kind of cool.
  • Did we really need more of this whole Tamara/Ricky non-sense? Or the kid hitting on her all night?
So, "Time After Time" gave us way too much of the Lacey/Kevin/Ben junk which I could've done with out, but the episode made up for it with the show's other love triangle that sucks me in every single time. Much like Jenna, I'm confused about my true feelings when it comes to Awkward.


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