August 28, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GRIMM, "Bad Moon Rising"

While Grimm still has to work out some of its issues, and I definitely have ideas about where I'd like the show to go, I was pleased to see that it took the step in the right direction with "Bad Moon Rising."

One of the major hindrances that the show faced was Nick keeping his secret from those closest to him. While I understand that this trick is inherent to the type of story that Grimm's telling, it can drag everything around it down because there's only so many times we can watch Nick lie to Hank and/or Juliette. The writers figured out a way to keep the latter in the dark (more on that later), but it was only a matter of time until Nick let Hank in on his life as a Grimm, and thankfully they got it out of the way instead of letting the wheels spin.

I still think that the police aspect of the show is its weakest, but now that Hank knows about Nick's double life, I'm hoping that it will become more interesting and I'm sure it will once they figure out that Captain Renard's somehow connected. Plus, it's going to be a trip watching Hank and Monroe meet for the first time sans secrets. Is a jealous tiff about which one's a better partner in our future? Man, I hope so. Regardless, having Hank in on the action can only help Grimm.

On the flipside, I'm still not 100% on board with Juliette's storyline up to date because amnesia's such a worn out gimmick that it's already feeling rote and unimaginative. Yet, I have to admit that her memory loss has made Juliette a more interesting character whereas last season she came off more as a wet blanket. I'm by no means excited to see where this one's heading, but at least I don't hate it right off the bat.

Another minor annoyance with "Bad Moon Rising" had to do with this week's creatures. While I thought having coyote/wolf like baddies had some potential, making them country hicks also felt like a tired trope that we've seen a million times before. Also, I don't know how to feel about the fact that they're from Texas, but that's just a personal aside. Thankfully, the performances by LOST/Supernatural/Being Human/every other genre show's Mark Pellegrino and The Finder's Maddie Hasson picked up the slack.

And how good is this show when it goes extremely dark?

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but Grimm's still a very entertaining show in spite of its shortcomings, and if "Bad Moon Rising" is any indication, it could also become a good show once it figures everything out.


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