September 21, 2012

Episode Review: AWKWARD., "The Other Shoe"

Now, I can admit that there was a lot to like about "The Other Shoe," but I was so frustrated by the season finale that I was seriously close to giving up on Awkward. once and for all.

At the end of "Once Upon a Blog," it seemed like Jenna had finally made up her mind and picked between Matty and Jake, but it wouldn't be a teen television show if it didn't mix in some ambiguity just for "fun." The answer was still a mystery until a game of spin the bottle outed the truth. When Jenna's spin landed smack dab in the middle of Jake and Matty, she somehow found herself in the closet the latter, so they pretended to make out until Jake opened up the door and said that they didn't have to put on a show now that they're officially back together. And there you have it.

Of course, since it's Jenna Hamilton, she wasn't content with being content and she knew that something bad was bound to happen now that she's happy with Matty. The first obstacle in her way was a summer abroad trip to Europe, which she wanted to go on but didn't want to leave Matty behind. For some reason, Valerie thought it was a good idea to guilt Jenna's parents into letting her go on the trip with her after all of the drama they put them through, and they agreed even though they didn't have the money. Still debating on what she should do, Jenna went to Lacey for some advice, and her mom told her to go because she missed out on so many life experiences because of her then boyfriend. Since Jenna was still reluctant to go without her new boyfriend, she decided to manipulate him into joining her by throwing a party with Tamara.

Along the way, Jenna wasn't too happy with the fact that girls were throwing themselves at the newly single Jake, and he was enjoying the single life until he wasn't. After ditching a persistent Lissa, he ended up in Tamara's car where she was hiding after she learned that she couldn't go on the Europe trip because he took the last spot. She had your typical pity party, and he kissed her to make her feel better. And there was Jenna witnessing it all. After she cooled down from her jealous rage, she told Tamara that she could have her spot and she'll stay at home with Matty. Things seemed to be falling into place until Jenna wanted to dance but Matty didn't, and it dawned on her that he could be the anchor around her neck.

OK, my biggest issue with "The Other Shoe" was the exact same problem I've had with this show since day one, which was the fact that Jenna once again got in her own way. Instead of just being happy and letting things just naturally progress, she had to get into her own head and pull at the thread. And honestly, I shouldn't be surprised that Awkward. took this route since it was revealed so early on that she picked Matty. Of course things were going to go downhill fast because the show answered its season long question in the first ten minutes, and it needed some more drama to fill the thirty minutes. Now, I'm not advocating that she should make rash decisions, and she probably should've gone to Europe (and probably still will), but the fact that the writers finally had her make up her mind just to throw another wrench into the plan was manipulative and just plain lazy. Things need to be melodramatic, we get it! The thing is, Awkward. pushed it too far for me. Watching two seasons of Jenna self-sabotage was entertaining for a bit, but I don't know if I can take any more of it.

Other Odds and Ends
  • Thankfully, we had Ming and Lissa to keep the laughs coming. I mean, how great were they? Ming blitzed out of her mind and eating bread. Lissa going back to the backdoor. Great stuff.
  • Another story line that I didn't care about: Sadie and Ricky. How much time are they going to waste on this guy?
  • Clark's become one of my favorite characters on this show. I don't know about that twist though.
  • Tamara and Jake.. talk about incestuous.
  • I know that Team Jake's going to jump all over Matty for not dancing, but they need to give him a break. He's still a nice guy who doesn't deserve all of the hate.
  • "I'm going to bump uglies tonight!"
  • Jenna: "How much have you had to drink?"
    Ming: "Aaa lot, cause tonight I'm breaking all the rules... and my hymen! I'm ready for Freddy to get sweaty."
So, that wraps up Season 2 of MTV's breakout hit of 2011. Obviously, things didn't go the way I wanted, and usually I'm not the "I quit this show" kind of person, but I think I've reached my limits when it comes to needless, self-indulgent, teen angst. That said, I know that I'll probably be back for Season 3. Let's just hope Jenna gets over herself by then.


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