September 9, 2012

Episode Review: GLEE, "Hairography"

Oh, "Hairography." It could be argued that this episode was the beginning of the end for Glee since it contained every element that people love to complain about. Famous guest taking up time? Check. Overemphasized theme? Check. Questionable musical performances? Check. Stupid plots that make no sense? Check. You name it, "Hairography" probably had it.

Will's mistrust of Sue continued ever since she got involved with the oversight of New Directions, and he was sure that she was going to leak his set list to the competition. He even traveled to Jane Adams to confront its glee coach about his suspicions just to learn that there are others out there struggling more than his so-called misfits. Feeling bad for the delinquent girls because of their lack of rehearsal space, he invited them to McKinley for a scrimmage. Their flashy style made Schue nervous, and he was sure that New Directions needed to up their "hairography" game in spite of Rachel's objections. When the deaf school caught wind of Will's generosity, its director insisted on fair treatment. Just when Will felt that he was on equal footing with the other glee choirs, it was revealed that he was right about Sue all along.

Not only was Will distracted by Jane Adams and their hair, but he was also busy playing with the new car that Terri bought for him as a way to take his mind of the pregnancy that she was faking. Unfortunately for her, a wrench was thrown into her plan when Quinn decided to keep her baby because she wondered if Puck would be a better father than Finn. The scheming continued though because Terri's sister was sure that if Quinn and Puck had a glimpse of what parenthood was really like, then they'd agree to give Terri the baby, so she arranged for them to babysit. They were actually capable caregivers, but Quinn quickly realized that Puck was not the greatest of guys when she found out that he had been sexting with Santana while he was with her. Since Quinn wanted to make sure her baby had a good father, she once agreed to give it to Terri.

Others also found their attentions divided like Finn, who somehow ended up on a pseudo-date with Rachel that was orchestrated by Quinn since she wanted to take Puck on a test drive without him finding out. In order to pique his interest, she had Kurt give Rachel a makeover which of course worked. The catch was, when Kurt learned that Rachel had a crush on his man, he sabotaged her as a way to get rid of the competition. After she figured out what he was up to, Rachel broke it to him that she had more of a chance than he did because she was a girl, but it was pretty clear that neither one of them were in the running because Finn and Quinn kissed and made up.

Initially, I didn't have many issues with "Hairography," but when you've watched it as many times as I have, the cracks become glaringly obvious. First off, this episode would have been perfect in the back nine because the cast uttered some variant of "distract" throughout the entire hour. It was "Funk" levels of bad. Aside from unnecessary repetition, the overemphasis on Terri's idiotic plan once again took me out of the episode, and I still don't understand why this plotline seems to be forgotten when people discuss the first part of Season 1 because it was by far the worst thing Glee's ever done.

Unfortunately for "Hairography," some good things were overshadowed by the awfulness of Terri. For example, it was a strong episode for Quinn because she was still a scheming, mean girl and not the complete sociopath she became down the road. It was fun watching her pull all of the strings, but I also felt for her when she found out about Puck's caddish ways. Even all of the melodrama revolving around Rachel and Kurt was entertaining to watch, but it was a shame that this sub-plot had to share time with the less successful ones.

On the Music Front: It's pretty much agreed upon by most fans that "Hair/Crazy in Love" was the worst musical performance ever, so let's just move on. Another divisive moment was when the deaf choir started their song, but it was taken over by New Directions. I for one, liked that scene even though I can understand why other's felt it was not cool. The rest were passable, but Quinn's "Papa Don't Preach" was probably the highlight for me.

Other Odds and Ends
  • Should I be offended by Jane Adams Academy? Probably.
  • I actually liked Eve, and she was an example of how to properly use guest stars.
  • Wow, I forgot how manipulative, petty and catty Kurt was at the start of the show. Oddly enough, this version of the character was better than the victim one.
  • HeMo was better in small doses.
  • I never quite understood Puck's appeal. He's kind of a horrible person.
  • Ah, more Quill goodness. I swear, that scene where she hugs him gets me every time.
  • Wait a second, Tina was allowed to sing without crying?
  • "Rachel somehow manages to dress like a grandmother and a toddler at the same time."
  • "Look at her, she's wearing a pant suit."
  • "No, you're trying to have sex. Not intimacy."
  • "Most of the time, I find it hard to be in the same room with you. Especially this one, which looks like where Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobby come to hook up."
  • "I need to be honest with you, I'm really uncomfortable right now. And I'm going to say this as nicely as I possibly can, but you look like a sad clown hooker."
So you see, Glee had some clunkers during its early run too, and I don't know if any other episode has been as uneven as "Hairography" (maybe "The Spanish Teacher" but it was just bad). But like I said, there were things to like about it, but the show was never quite the same after this one.


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