September 3, 2012

News: THE FINDER's Michael Clarke Duncan Dead at 54

Very rarely do I eulogize famous people who have left us, but I felt the need to after I learned that The Finder's Michael Clarke Duncan passed away today at the young age of 54.

Obviously, it's sad any time someone dies suddenly and before their time, but this one was a little sadder as a fan of Duncan's work. He'll always be remembered for his award-nominated role in The Green Mile, but he proved that he was more than just a gentle giant. As the only person who will readily admit that he liked Daredevil, I was excited when he was cast as the Kingpin, not only because I enjoyed his work but because it was proof that the roles should go to the right performer regardless of skin color.

As for television, I'll remember Duncan's guest starring role on Chuck, but he'll probably always be associated with FOX's The Finder, which also left us too soon. As Leo Knox, Duncan was the perfect sidekick to Geoff Stults' Walter Sherman, and together they were an example of how great chemistry between two leads can make almost anything enjoyable. That's not to say that The Finder wasn't good on its own, it was one of my favorite new shows of last season, but you cannot deny that he was a major contributing factor to its success.

Oddly enough, it's almost fitting that The Finder lasted only one season because I doubt it would have been able to continue after the passing of Duncan. That's not meant to be insensitive, rather a testament to the great work he did and how he could never be replaced. Much like how Psych would not work without Dulé Hill, The Finder would not work without Michael Clarke Duncan.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends and fans of Michael Clarke Duncan. You will be missed, and you will always be the Kingpin to me.


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