September 26, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GO ON, "Bench-Clearing Brawl"

While I have to admit that "Bench-Clearing Brawl" wasn't my favorite episode of Go On, it was still a solid effort and it didn't make me regret going with it over the New Girl.

Once again I found myself caring more about Ryan in his work environment than when he was with the group. Watching Steven guilt Jeremy Roenick into letting Ryan play in his hockey game was great, but the capper was how he was rubbing it in Carrie's face. I don't know if I'll ever get tired of those three bouncing off one another, although we did not get enough of her this time around which was unfortunate.

As for the group therapy moments, I wouldn't say that they were bad by any means but the quirk is starting to become a little excessive and there wasn't enough heart this time around. It all felt like a game of one-ups-manship between Ryan and Lauren, and I can't fault the show for underlining their tension because that's their thing and we all know where this is going, but I didn't feel as warm and fuzzy as I usually do after watching Go On.

That said, I applaud the writers for once again putting Ryan in a situation where he gets to interact with one of his new friends one-on-one. Anne has been one of the weakest members of the ensemble because she was only there to call him out on his crap, but I really enjoyed watching them bond over their loss and trying to figure out when it's time to move on. Her line about liking the current version of Ryan over the cardboard cut-out version was a nice touch and saved that half of the episode.

"Bench-Clearing Brawl" wasn't a homerun, but a solid sliding triple with a good bit of humor and emotion. I just would've liked a tad bit more heart and of course more Carrie.


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