September 11, 2012

Quick Thoughts: GO ON, "He Got Game, She Got Cats"

It's not a secret that NBC has been struggling as of late, but the one area that it could say it was somewhat successful (at least from a creative standpoint) is comedy. Thursday nights have been synonymous with NBC comedies, but over the last couple of years those shows have mostly garnered critical praise but with very little fanfare from the greater public. So, it's not too surprising that the Peacock's banking on Go On and The New Normal to be strong enough to take over now that The Office and 30 Rock (and possibly others) will be coming to an end. Right now, I'm not sold that these two can carry the banner, especially after watching the pilots that aired weeks before their premiere date, but I did see potential in them and wanted to see second episodes. Now that I have, I'm still not sure how they will play but I'm rooting for them.

Theoretically, I can understand why "He Got Game, She Got Cats" was the second offering from Go On because it tries its hardest to remind everyone of the premise while creating an ensemble around Matthew Perry's Ryan King. Unfortunately, the show's hook was probably the weakest part of the episode because I didn't really find the whole Sonia and her cats plot to be all that funny. Admittedly, I chuckled a few times as Ryan had to deal with the craziness that he stirred up, but it all felt quirky for quirky's sake and that's usually a tough sell. Now, I'm all for quirk but Sonia's shtick didn't quite land for me because it was turned up to nine when it should've been a seven. And don't get me started on the bearded guy. That being said, I did like George's basketball sub-plot.

Thing thing is, I really enjoyed the time that didn't revolve around the support group. Watching Ryan cope with his loss and how it's affecting not only her personal life but his professional one as well were by far the best moments. It's understandable that he'd feel lonely at this point of his recuperation and throwing oneself into their work's usually a logical mechanism, so it all felt genuine. Also, I got a kick of Ryan bugging Carrie as he latched on too tightly to her. While I know Ryan and Lauren are an inevitability, I liked his chemistry with Carrie and would prefer to see where that relationship would go. So what if he's her boss and it'd be wholly inappropriate?

I really wanted to be 100% won over by Go On's second episode, and while I cannot say that I was, I still have high hopes for it as it continues to find itself because it did make me laugh and I did find some parts to be charming. And really, that's all I can really ask from a show like this.


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